[P5Q SE/r - PC8500 kingston] wont run 1:1

Well today I received a few parts including a mainboard and memory.

- Asus P5Q se/r
- 2048 kingston KHX8500D2K2/2G - 1066mhz

But after trying for a few hours I'm still unable to run it 1:1. Ive updated the bios to the current version. v.0601. When booting up windows it says that the memory is running dual channel and running at a 1066mhz speed. But when I enter windows and doublecheck this with CPU-z (v 1.47 - latest) it says something else wich is really weird. Does anyone have a idea or some clue how I could solve this. It would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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  1. Is dual channel so 532.8 x 2 = 1065.6 aka 1066.

    For 1:1 your CPU and your memory need to be the same FSB. You CPU aint gonna run 1:1 with 1066 because your FSB would have to be 533 and it aint gonna happen unless you have some liquid nitrogen.

    To run 1:1 you need a 400FSB on CPU and 800 on your ram, or something similar.

    Without knowing your CPU i cant tell you about what the best FSB would be for you.

    And some ram is glitchy and says it is PC2 6400 when its not. Make sure it is the right voltage and timings in the Bios.
  2. 532 x 2 = 1066

    your memory is running correctly

    the mem is based off of a ratio of the ACTUAL FSB
    which in your case is 333mhz

    and your mem is running at 8:5 ratio of that

    which is 532 mhz (8/5 = 1.6 -> 333 x 1.6 = 532)

    and since it's DDR2, it is double 532 which gives you 1066

    if you want to run the mem at 1:1 to your fsb, it would run at 333 x 2

    which would be 667 mhz

    so yes your mem is working correctly.
  3. and yes as roadrunner mentioned, if you want to get the mem to go higher and still run at 1:1, you have to increase your actual FSB speed to something higher than 333

    this would in turn also OC your CPU since the CPU speed is based off some multiple of the fsb
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