9800gtx or 8800gts??????

Hey guys, i was just wondering what card should i buy, im pretty sure ya hear this all the time but, i saw a 8800gts in newegg in a good price but i want to be able to run crysis in good settings so i though should i pay alot more for a 9800gtx, or the 8800gts will play crysis ok and i will be able to save some greens( money)

my rest of the system is:

Gigabyte m57sli-s4
AMD 5000 black E.( 3.11)
Seagate Barracuda 250gb ( soon another one for raid 0 stup)
2 gb ddr2 667 corsair ( soon Crucial Ballistix Tracer ddr2 800 2GB x2 for a total of 4gb)
zalman 9700
Msi 8600( waiting to decide for a 8800gts or a 9800gtx)
SAMSUNG DVD Burner with LightScribe

by the way the 8800gts is $149.00 open box in neweeg
and the 9800gtx is $199.00 retail also in newegg

am i on the rite track to a little upgrade??..plzz advice.. thanks.!!! :D
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  1. why not a 4850? i just recieved one and am very, very impressed. dont buy open box(no warranty). dx10.1 compatibility, still has alot of room to grow driver/performance wise(unlike the mature 8800 series), low power+low profile. check out the benches
  2. those two are basically the same, the main difference being the 9800gtx can support hybrid power and tri-sli. unless you want those features (which i dont think you will unless you replace your mobo) get the cheaper 8800gts
  3. If you want to go SLI later on, why not buy the 9800GTX+? It's still $199 on newegg, and a bit faster than the regular 9800GTX.
  4. i dont think i need to sli, because i have a 19 inches monitor with a resolution 1440 by 900, 4850 isnt bad i really though of it as the price is much better but with an nvidia base mobo i wanted to stay with nvidia if i want to sli in a far away future when crysis 2 comes out, as i though the capacity of a 9800gtx is minimun compared to the 8800gts when it comes down to fps, and a 8800gts for 150 is a really nice tag, but i asked for advice so, ill go with ur choice guys..so what will it be??
  5. btw we're talking about the 8800gts 512mb here, not the older 320mb/640mb right?
  6. yes the 512mb version.
  7. here, these are the 2 cards that i looked at, rite now the diference isnt much , so i just might go with the 9800gtx+. but if the open box version of the 8800gts comes back for $129.99 ill save some money!! ;)


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