How Do I Overclock Onboard Graphics?

I am fairly new to this, I was wondering If it was possible to Overclock my Onboard Graphics, I have an "EG41MF-S2H" mobo.
I Overclocked my e5200 to 4.00Ghz no problem and there's 8 fans in my Tower.
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  1. no point in ocing onboard graphics (dont even think its possible) as it will still be very weak, you should just buy a mid range gpu (100$) this will give you much more power than any onboard graphics will ever get (in the near future...)
  2. I would be done through M/B BIOS options, unfortunately as far as I know theres no BIOS options available to OC onboard graphics, but maybe your M/B has some BIOS options available, but I seriously doubt it.

    Best option for you is add a graphics card, and disable onboard video, the most aggressive thing onboard video is really capable of is DVD playback, if you're attempting any gaming, you need a stand alone GPU.

    At least your M/B does have a PCI-E X16 slot for a GPU, which will make all the difference in Graphics performance.
  3. (I Didn't look at your mobo specs)

    But, for $30 my graphics card works great...

    (I arrived here by a google class wormhole)

    Right now im building someone a computer just like mine, except it has 1 GB (faster) ram instead of 2GB, it has amd semphron instead of athlon 64 X2, and it's using onboard graphics.

    Well the game i'm comparing only utilizes one core

    and i have OC'd the processor to 3.2 GHZ, where my other system is stuck at 2.8 due to cooling.

    i never go over 700 MB of the ram being used while running the game on either computer...

    But with my $30 ati radeon HD 4550 my other one runs the game on max settings well, this one cant with integrated nvidia 6150...

    ok, lot of unfair comparison...

    but a dedicated GPU with dedicated ram for it is a good idea. even if it's $30.
  4. Add a Gfx card and OC!We cannot oc onboard grafiX!
  5. First if all that's not possible...I think and number 2, just buy a Graphics Card! You can buy ANY Graphics card on the market and get more performance that what you will ever get using On-board. you can get a mid range Graphics card from $100-$300.
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