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installed my 512MB DDR2 667MHz CL4 240PIN Industry Standard DiMM i believe its a PC2-5300. My computer works on a PC2-4200 533MHz. when i installed the PC2-5300 the fan kept spinning loud and wont stop unless press the power button. why is this?
please help.
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  1. Other than the fan issue, does the PC work properly with that memory? If not, does removing it resolve your issue?
  2. Then its either set at a very high %, or just a noisy fan.
  3. i believe that you should try the RAM in the other Computer and see if your FAN of that computer is making noise or no. if no then there is problem with your FAN
  4. does this mean my computer doesnt support pc2-5300?
  5. If it works fine when removing the PC2-5300 RAM, then it might not support it or you bought incompatible RAM for your PC. Can you provide more info on the PC and the RAM that you bought? Is the correct RAM for that PC still available?
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