8600 GTXXX max temp for OC

max temps anyone?

mostly unimportant background:
i just returned my 4850 :(
cuz i found it online for cheaper and i'm gonna get it again when i upgrade my system in a couple months.

anyway i'm stuck with this garbage for now so i'm overclocking the balls off this thing. stock is 680/1600 for my 8600 GTXXX and i'm at around 775/1675 right now and the hottest its gotten so far is 70 under a load. my 4850 ran at 90 before i did the fanfix for it, but i know that card can take it.

but i don't want to wreck my 8600 since i'm trying to sell my whole system. how hot can i let this card get?

Thanks :sleep:
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  1. Try to keep it under 95c.
    GPU's can handle quite a bit of heat.
  2. The memory is the thing to be careful with.....cores can get very warm, but the memory might struggle going any higher.
  3. yeah.
    i was running the core clock at 775 and left the memory alone.
    it got up to 69 degrees and was doing fine.

    then i started getting horrible FPS and my screen went black. i had to do a hard boot. before this card i had ati and heard so much good stuff about nvidias cards so got one. sure it was a cheap one but i'm so disappointed in nvidia. ntune is so unstable. no overclocking tools work right with the card, and it sucks. a 100 dollar card from ati would perform better, i guess nvidia only makes decent high end products. and now the 4800 series is taking care of that.
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