help find a quiet psu

I need a fairly quiet pcu for a Digital Audio Workstation I'm building. I'm leaning towards corsairs HX series or an antec.

Any opinions would be great!

2 x 320 WD 7200 16mb sata2
LG dvd/cd etc. IDE drive
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  1. If you're not playing games, and you have a single video card, then a 520HX would be fine, or a 550VX. The P5Q-E is overkill in this case.

    Are you going to play games on this PC too?
  2. OCZ StealthXstream 600watt PSU.


    super quiet, lots of room for extras.
  3. I'm going to use just a single video card and no game play. The p5q is overkill for a DAW? How do you figure? I want the best board and most future proof as possible for a digital audio workstation between $200-$300
  4. I have a corsair 450 watt in my antec 300 and its so quite I have to check for the blue light on the case to make sure its still running. My 750 watt is quite as well but the 7 120mm fans make up the difference. Sound doesnt matter in my case due to gaming and the area it is set up.

    It will depend on the case and the fans you install as for how quite it will be as well...
  5. I recommend the Corsair by far of my experience with the Antec PSU. However the best reliable and quiet PSU I have ever owned are the Thermaltake Toughpower Series, and also they maintain very efficient power, and covered by a 5 year warranty, and they are very quiet. I can never hear it over the case fans.

    Depending on your needs the ToughPowers also have surge protection as industrial grade compacitors. There is a huge difference between the Pure Powers that are also very nice PSU which are 80% efficiant which cost less but the are only covered by a 1 year warranty.

    The ToughPower Series at 87% efficacy are:
    1. 1200W Model: W0156RU (which I have) down to a 850W Model: W0131RU

    Also ToughPower Series also make models that are 85% effiancy:

    a 600W Model: W0103RU, to 750W Model: W0116RU

  6. antec neopower 650 blue is what i have modular and 120mm fan w/blue led
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