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Hey everyone,

I ask for apologies in advance if this has been a recurring thread but I'm still new to this forum but here's my question. I've been doing a lot of research on getting heat sinks and whatnot but I have an AMD Phenom II 945 AM3 socket type and found a picture of the AM3 socket type bracket and it looks so drastically different than the regular bracket. The pic I saw looked more like a big V than the flat X shape the other kind. Maybe that wasn't a proper image but how is that supposed to work. I am going to Fry's on tuesday and wanna get a cooler but Im started to get worried on what to do about installation.

ALT-question: What the best thermal compound to get in you guys' opinion.

The picture is at the bottom of this article:
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  1. Quote:
    I'm not really sure what your question is. Your cpu came without a heatsink and you need to buy one? Or you want to upgrade your stock heatsink??

    If the cpu cooler you buy says AM3 compatible, its AM3 compatible, whether or not you think the bracket looks like it will work.

    My question is more: How does that v shaped bracket work or fit onto the mobo/ is that the only option of am3 boards?
  2. Very EASY directions trust me....

    +1 "zip"
  3. Ya I guess I'm just gettin ahead of my self. Pretty excited to get my build goin.
  4. The HSF is the least of your worries....Just take your time and it will be a breeze....
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