Upgrade from 8800 GTX to GTX260.

My system: Cpu E6850 core 2 3GHZ, 2gb ram DDR2 1066, 320 gb HDD Western digital, mobo Asus P5KC and psu 600W Zalman.

Before 2 weeks (and after a lot of thinking) i upgrade my card from XFX 8800 GTX to XFX GTX 260 edition XXX and i see difference. Not very big but in all the new games i have about 15 fps more at the same options (1680 X 1050, ultra details). My card is not like the ordinary GTX 260. Its the XXX edition and i suggest to all of you that is a very good reason to upgrade your graphic card.

P.S. sorry for my poor english

Thank you.
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  1. Do you mean to imply that a few fps extra is worth the considerable cost of a factory overclocked 260 to replace a 8800gtx?
    Or do you suggest people think twice before going your route?

    ps. I upgraded to a hd4870 a month ago, as my 8800gtx broke. It did enable me to almost play crysis at very high in vista fluently, but while being considerably better than my gtx, it still wasn't worth the upgrade had the old one not ceased to work.

    There are hardly any games you can't run on a 22" with a 8800gtx, so there's very little reason to upgrade unless you have a bigger display, or money to burn
  2. I sell my 8800 GTX for 200 € and i bought GTX 260 for 290 €, so it cost me only 90 €.

    Crysis from 21fps - 28.5 fps
    Company of heroes from 49fps - 63fps
    Call of Duty 4 from 32 fps - 41.5fps
    Assasins Creed from 36fps - 47 fps

    So if you can see for 90 € i have about 25 % more power in 1680 X 1050 and ultra details...
  3. Waste of money IMO, especially at that relatively low resolution.
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