Question about ATI warranty policy

Does ATI allow you to over clock without voiding the warranty. I know EVGA allows you to.
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  1. not really if thats what you want buy the OCd version of the card you want. But, heres the thing. How would they ever know unless you fry it?
  2. ^ Because most chips keep a log of what happend to them.

  3. hmmmm really now? are you sure? links? not saying your wrong just curious
  4. I could be wrong but i dont have any source for proof.

    Otherwise how would intel know that you OC the chip when you send it back to them?
  5. Thats my point .....HOW if a chip is burnt there is no way of retrieving said data. Maybe we should look into this
  6. yeah.

    I guess if the chip is dead how do they retrieve the data if they cant turn it on?
  7. I dont think they can but I may be wrong this deserves an investigation
  8. i think as soon as Intel sees a burnt chip they know its us... i mean who else would return a steaming Q9550 or melted 4870
  9. well ive sent back a chip that was fried. It wasnt my fault, it just fried
    For the video card part its happened to me too on a new build offthe shelf for a customer...... pooooof smoke!! It wasnt the board or psu, as soon as the card was replaced there were no more problems! One of the first questions from gigabyte rep was: "Was it overclocked?" Of course my answer was no . My RMA card returned 3 weeks later and breezed through the next install.
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