New build problems, need help please!!!!

Here is my build. This is my second build and am sort of confused what is wrong.

780i mobo
320 GB Maxtor HDD SATAII ( reused )
8800GT ( reused )
DVD-RW (reused )
CD-RW (reused )
Antec 850W PSU

I can list whatever else as needed.

When I power up, the computer turns on, loads up for 5-10 seconds and then powers off. It runs through identifying parts, including 4GB of RAM, the CPU, the 2 optical drives, and the 2 HDDs as connected, then will power down. Any attempt to enter the setup or boot order does not give me enough time, it will shut down anyway.

Please give me some tips/advice/things to try to figure this out.
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More about build problems please
  1. I tried unplugging all HDDs and optical drives, and still same symptoms.

    there seems to be an error code display that I watched last attempt that stopped at 7F, which my manual says "POST error check -- check POST error and display them and ask user for input."

    I am booting right now with only the monitor and power plugged in.

    Right before it turns itself off, I see it displays FF, which my book tells me only "Boot".
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