Can I use the 2.5" HDD in my desktop? My case supports 3.5"

I bought a Toshiba 500GB External Hard Drive from ( and I just opened the enclosure to find the 2.5" HDD inside. I'm assembling a new system and I'm short on money. I can afford all the parts except for the HDD and the Optical Drive(The money I could have used for them will be used on Keyboard and Mouse, HDMI, and Headset because of the pre Black Friday Sale). I thought that maybe there was a casing I could put around the Toshiba hard drive so it would fit in the 3.5" drive bay and would convert the power to 5V. Is that possible? If not, I was wondering about if it matters how I connect my hard drive to the computer. I mean, does it matter how I connect it to my computer if I'm trying to boot from it? Can it be connected through USB so I don't need to make it internal? Thank you for helping!
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  1. Is it a SATA drive? If so, you can just hook everything up and you're good to go. If it's PATA, you'll need an adapter.
  2. cjl said:
    Is it a SATA drive? If so, you can just hook everything up and you're good to go. If it's PATA, you'll need an adapter.

    I just checked the hard drive for model number, and it said it was MK5055GSX. I searched for it on Newegg and it says that it's a SATA drive: ( It says 5V for power on it. Do I need any sort of adaptor for the power? My PSU says one of the outputs is 5V@28A, but the SATA connectors don't show a voltage. Will the PSU only give out as much voltage as needed? My PSU is the CMPSU-750TX 750W( Thanks!
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    If it is SATA, you should be able to plug the SATA connectors to the drive with no adapter and it will work fine. The SATA power connector has a ground, a 3.3V, a 5V, and a 12V. The drive will use the 5V and 3.3V, and it will just not use the 12V line. A desktop drive would use the 12V as well.
  4. Thanks! Now I just need to back up everything on that hard drive and put Ubuntu 9.10 on it until I can get a different hard drive as well as a copy of Windows 7. If only Windows was open source, right? I wouldn't mind the bloatware as much as long as the OS was free of price and restrictions of the sort.
  5. What bloatware?

    Windows doesn't have any bloatware if you install it straight off a disk. The bloatware comes from OEMs.
  6. It doesn't? I never installed from a disk before. Do you still not get bloatware if the disk is an OEM version for system builders?
  7. You have two kinds of Windows oem disks. You have the ones that look for the specific brand of computer they are being installed on - like a Dell disk trying to be installed on a Toshiba laptop. And you have the generic Windows disks.

    Bloatware generally comes on what are known as recovery disks.
  8. Oh, my cousin got a virus on her Toshiba laptop so I used the recovery disk for her. Speaking of computers and OS's, are there any kinds of computers made so a different OS can't be installed on it? I've had trouble installing Linux Mint 7 as well as Ubuntu 9.10 on two different Toshiba laptops.
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