HD4870 on Vista 64 running 3D Mark2006 freezes


has anyone having single HD4870 tried to run 3D Mark 2006 on Vista 64?
It freezes every time I run that and I'm trying to find the reason.

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  1. Check the temperature of the card.
    Increase the fan speed with Rivatuner if necessary.
  2. Where does it crash? CPU test? or after?

    Also, what temps are you getting?
  3. haven't seen the temperatures, as the benchmark runs fullscreen and I have only trial version, I'll have to figure out a way how to do it.

    it freezes (doesn't crashes) on non-CPU tests. before or after, doesn't matter
  4. It should run fine. Stop the bench early, if you must, check the temp.
  5. temperatures are fine, not exceeding 80 C . How to modify the GPU fan speed? I have Riva tuner installed but can't find it...
  6. playing Grid makes the driver crash (every few seconds). Sometimes Windows recovers, sometimes not. Is that a sign of a wrong GPU?
  7. hmm id lean towards a power issue , what power supply you using , and have you got both power leads plugged in?
    i have a 4870 and have run 3d mark on vista 64 without issue , and my temps have exceeded 80'c before i changed fan profile.
  8. hmm I have Hiper 780W PSU . This really sucks...
  9. samuraiblade, read the catalyst 8.7 post in the same ATI section. do you think that power could be the same problem?
  10. ok ive had issues with hipers before , might be worth testing it. before you had that card were you running nvidia? , if so did you remove all traces of the old drivers , often this can also cause a freezing issue. thats the only thing that i can think will cause it , possibly a complete o/s reinstall if viable could prove whether or not its driver based.
  11. It is a completely new system from scratch, assembled on last weekend. I'll try to instal 32-bit XP's probably.
  12. running on XP's , same issue with stock settings on all components
  13. I tried to increase the GPU fan speed and the issue if not completly gone, it is greatly reduced. It seems to be a GPU issue after all. Good to know that the PSU is not the problem anyway. At least for now. But I cannot run my gpu fan on 40-50% all the time, it makes a lot of noice
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