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Just wanted some opinions on this card - The XFX 8600 GT XXX - and whether or not it's any good. Haven't really got a lot of cash and can get it for around £50 mark, I want a card that will play the newish games decently whilst also not breaking the bank. Could I have some suggestions as to if this card is any good or if you have other suggestions for around the £50 mark? My motherboard is the M2v VIA K8T900 too, will this card work on this?!?

Many thanks
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  1. My old rig had this card.

    For its price, it does its job. Think Call of Duty 4, 1280x1024, Medium settings.

    You might want to look into either:
    NVIDIA 8800 GTS
    NVIDIA 9800 GTX
    NVIDIA 260
    ATI 4850
    ATI 4870

    Those would be the five cards I would look at right now. The 8800GTS and 4850 should be the first two you should look at.
  2. that card is crap for gaming i would suggest atleast a 8800gso for gaming something like this:
  3. I think you should stretch to £100 becuase then you can get a 4850 which will play Call of Duty 4 and other new games maxed out. You can get it here for 110: http://overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-070-GW

    EDIT: It will absolutely blow that 8600Gt away. The difference will be unbelievable.
  4. ma frnd can barely play that game with his 8600gt at 1280x1024.but i still couldn recommend that card. go wit 9600gso atleast
  5. Hi I have the 8800 GT and it works great with FSX. Matter of fact, I have all the setting on Max and I hardly see a glitch in the movement. I paid a little over 230 but I think it's well worth it.

  6. 1) Your response, even at the time, is completly useless because OP clearly sets a budget.
    2) The thread is from over a year ago.
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