No signal from new graphics card- Please Help!!!

I just got a new graphics card to replace my old 8600gt, and I went thru the standard protocol for installing a gpu (uninstall old drivers, remove card, etc.) When I put my new card in, I get no signal at all from my new graphics card. I can put my old gpu back in and I get a signal, but with my new one I get no signal to my monitor whatsoever. I am using dvi to vga adapters on both cards.

I have onboard video, but that can't be the problem since my 8600gt works with it

I can verify that the new card is properly seated, powered, and running

I have 550w psu, so I have adequate power

I made sure I completley uninstalled all drivers and files using driversweeper before putting new card in

Does anybody have any idea how to fix this? I have tried almost everything and I am running out of options. Please Help!

old card: 8600gt
new card: hd 4850
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  1. Did you plug the power pins on the video card?
  2. yes, thanks for quick response...any other ideas?
  3. try both the dvi slots. And make sure nothing got moved around while u were installing the card ex check ram to see if its seated properly. oh ya make sure the dvi/vga connector doesn't have any broken pins.
  4. You could try resetting the bios....
  5. bad video card? RMA.....
  6. Unhook the dvi to vga adaptor and re-hook it to both the case and your card. Those things get flakey sometimes...
  7. When the 4850 is installed, do you get a signal from the onboard video card?

    If you do, go into the bios and look for a setting that will allow you to disable the onboard and perhaps switch to PCIe.

    I'm only suggesting this because I thought that maybe the 8600 somehow tells the motherboard to shut off the onboard but the 4850 doesn't....worth a shot?
  8. I say you got a bad card, happened to me with a 3870 a couple weeks ago.
  9. I thought the card at first was bad, so I RMA'd it, and this is the second one so I doubt its faulty.

    With the 4850 installed, I do get video from the onboard card, I went into my bios and there is no option to shut off onboard video.

    However, with my 8600gt installed, there is no video from the onboard card? What does that mean? It seems that it switches to the onboard video if I take my card out

    and thank you for the replies everybody!!
  10. Have you reset the cmos yet?
  11. you mean take battery out and put it back in? no, but are you supposed to do that after you put the new card in or before you put it in
  12. Had the same problem when I would reinstall my 8800gtx's. I would totaly disconnect the dvi cable turn off and unplug the monitor reconnect the dvi cable plug in the monitor and turn it on worked for me on numerous occasions.Hope this helps
  13. could you list system specs, i just want to know what brand the psu is?
  14. Can you list your motherboard model please? (I would like to look up your Bios)

    As you said it would be odd and unlikely to get 2 defective cards and I don't think power has anything to do with it because the card uses a very small percentage of its power at idle. (Even if the PSU was severely too small for the 4850, it would still power it enough to show video at idle.)
  15. sure, here is the link to my ps:

    I think it is a problem w/ the onboard video. For some reason, when I put the 4850 in, it enables onboard video but when I put my 8600gt in, onboard video is disabled and I get a signal from the gpu. This is really weird, anybody else got any ideas?

    And I think my psu is good enough, I am running a processor that doesn't take much power, one optical drive, one hard drive, and 3 120mm fans

    and thank you for replies
  16. There has to be somewhere in the bios where you can alter the graphics controller. It might be called "VGA" or "Video" or "On Board Graphics" "IGP" etc. Try switching that to off or auto.
  17. Since you RMA's your first video card, it is probably due to 1) Your power supply not providing enough power to your video card. or 2) Your bios and/or motherboard somehow does not like this video card. What is the model of the motherboard and the CPU you have?
  18. ok I will look again

    Just got a dvi to dvi cable and hooked it directly to the card without the adapter...still no signal

    According to their website, their minimum is a 450 watt power supply. I don't know how your power supply is working, but it might not be providing enough power to the video card. I would try to unplug the power from fans, dvd rom, and the hard drive to see if it works or not.
  20. The Rosewill PSU is not that great of a PSU I would look at that as you problem.
  21. I don't think it's his PSU.
    Sure Rosewill are far (FAR) from the greatest, but that specific PSU's got good reviews, is SLI certified and certainly has enough juice to run the card.
    Plus, one of the reviewers has a 4850 and it powers it just fine according to him.

    I'd do what helios suggested.
    Disable the onboard video from the BIOS, there should be an option there.
    We can guide to where it is if you give us the name and model of your motherboard.
    Also, as previously suggested, try clearing the CMOS.
  22. I know the card is getting enough power. I can hear the fan running, see the fan running, and can feel the warmth of the card. I know the minimum specs are 450w but my psu is 550w and I am running a very low power system. In fact, before I got this card, I was able to run my whole system (including the 8600gt) on a 300w power supply.

    Here are some pics of my bios, I can't find an option to disable onboard video anywhere:

    taken on my phone, sorry about the quality, but apparently Print Screen doesn't work in the bios

    main screen of bios:

    under 'advanced' tab

    'advanced features' under 'advanced' tab

    'integrated peripherals' under 'advanced' tab

    'PnP/Pci configuration' under 'advanced' tab

    I really don't see an option anywhere to disable video, maybe someone does?
  23. *EDIT* Nevermind, Sorry I was typing while you posted :) That Bios is very limited and it is set to go to the 4850 first....

    Insufficient power should not be a consideration at this time. I have that PSU in my secondary machine powering an 8800GT.
  24. ok, do I take out the battery with the computer on or off?

    and heres my motherboard information:

    I know its cheap a cheap dell but they must let you change your gpu?
  25. There are only 3 things I can think of left to try.

    1) Clear the cmos using the button on the motherboard or by taking out the battery for 30 minutes. *EDIT* (Computer should be off)

    2) Boot windows using the 8600 and update the bios to a newer version, because they may have released a bios update to work with the new ati cards. ( I think this is your best bet!!!)

    3) may have to get a new motherboard.
  26. ok thank you

    Im going to try taking out the battery for 30 mins

    Do I leave the 4850 in there while im doing it? Or take it out?

    and I already updated to the latest bios version from dell earlier today, but I guess it didn't do anything
  27. doesn't matter just make sure the 4850 is in when you replace the battery and turn on the comuter
  28. ok thanks but Im guessing im going to have to pick up a new mobo most likely...
  29. It wouldn't hurt to get a few more suggestions before buying something.

    I tried to think of every possible problem, but I am only one person and could very well have missed something.

    In any case, Good Luck with you card!
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