2nd Hard drive only showing half the space

Hello i just reinstalled xp onto my 160g hard drive no problems and im now using my original main drive as my storage 320g its been formated and its plugged into a ide pci card and now its only showing i have 127g on it? whats going on?
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  1. XP pre SP1 only supported up to 128GB. Install the latest service packs and it should see the full size of the drive (it may need to be reformatted though).
  2. well before i has a 320g for the main drive and it was all there and that drive has been formated and the one im on now is 160g and showing 145 witch is right but the other one only shows 127 and its hooked to a ide contoler
    and it shows im on service pack 2

    cjl said:
    XP pre SP1 only supported up to 128GB. Install the latest service packs and it should see the full size of the drive (it may need to be reformatted though).
  3. Your 320 GB unit now is connected via an IDE controller card in the PCI bus. Was it connected before this directly to a mobo port? What I am thinking is that the new IDE controller card you are now using may NOT have 48-bit LBA Support. That support is required in three places: the hard drive itself (obviously built into a 320 GB unit, and it was working that way in the past), the hard drive controller (you now have a new one in the PCI bus) and the OS (you say you have XP SP2 running, so it should be there).

    So, if that IDE controller card does not have 48-bit LBA Support, it will limit any HDD connected to it to 128 GB maximum volume size.

    There is another possibility, depending on the sequence of operations, that the problem could be in the OS - in particular, the Windows XP version. You said you re-installed XP and it now shows as having SP2 installed. You also say the old 320 GB drive, after being connected via the IDE card in the PCI bus, was Formatted. It is VITAL that the Partition and Format operations to prepare a drive for use be done AFTER the XP was updated to SP2. So IF you re-installed an original version of XP that did NOT have SP2 update installed, and then Partitioned and Formatted the 320 GB unit under that older version of XP BEFORE you updated it to SP2, then the Partition you created could not have been larger than 128 GB. Even though you later updated to SP2 that can handle large disks, the original Partition created in this sequence would not change size. If this really is your situation, the solution is to back up anything on the 320 GB unit, then use Disk Management to Delete all existing Partitions, then Create one new one that uses up all 320 GB and Format it.
  4. I got it working now, the whole problem was i reformatted the 320g and it gave me a error saying hal.dll missing so i got my other drive installed xp on it and then hooked up the 320 as a 2nd drive and thats when it only showed 127. So i formated it then took it out and put it in as master and installed xp on it and its all good now and the 160 is my 2nd drive now and it shows the full amount of space on it and still dont know why the 320 didnt? But im good now
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