Inspiron 8600 new 80GB drive reported as 137 in BIOS

I am using a 320 GB drive divided into three drives. The first volume is 80GB and the reminder divided in two other drives. I cannot boot windows XP.The BIOS reports a1 137 GB drive and i am unable to change that value as for some reason I cannot modify the first page of the BIOS (rev A14).
Look forward to your help!
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  1. I'm pretty sure that this is a BIOS limitation of the 8600 which means that it won't recognize a hard drive greater than 137GB. If you try to use partitions above the 137GB limit then you are eventually going to run into trouble (data corruption). The only solution is to create any partitions in the first 137GB of the disk and just ignore the rest. Alternatively, you could check the Dell web site to see if there is an updated BIOS to avoid this problem.

    Google "Inspiron 8600 137" for more information.
  2. some drives still support legacy setting.

    check the docs online to see if there are jumper settings or software you might be able to use.
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