Intel Pentium E5200 Wolfdale

Does anybody have any idea why this part is not under the core 2 duo? Intel bills it as a Pentium dual core as opposed to C2D.


All other Wolfsdale cores show as C2D. I'm wondering, beyond the obvious spec limitations(cache,fsb), is there something I'm not seeing as to why not include it in C2D. The main reason why this cpu caught my eye is because of the high multiplier. Could be a good OCer for the money.

Appreciate any input.
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  1. Ones rated 800FSB CPU, the other 1066FSB.
  2. smaller cache and slower fsb......other than that they are the same
  3. Those are really the only differences. I believe they also have virtualization disabled. These are just like the E2xxx versions of the Conroe core. Intel chose to market them under the Pentium name for lower-end computers.

    You are right, the high multiplier will most likely make it a very strong budget overclocker. I believe these have been hitting 4GHz+ on air.
  4. Same thing minus cache and stock FSB, its marketing stragedy.

    After you overclock it wont be 800 FSB any more.

    Yes this chip will hit 4.0 with 400x10 or 320 x 12.5 on air. Attough it takes pretty high voltage from what I have seen to reach those speeds, but wo cares its cheap.
  5. Lol. ok. Thanks for the quick replies.

    Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 has this extra feature
  7. Basically Intel has spent billions of dollars and years of effort in marketing the 'Pentium' name, so it would be a waste to dump it by the wayside. Therefore the upper low-end parts get the 'Pentium Dual-Core' moniker instead of Core2 or Celeron.
  8. in our country Pentium is will know compared to Core2 up to this time...Developing countries love these
  9. goonting said:

    Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 has this extra feature

    This feature is also included in the e5200. Check the link I posted earlier. TXT is enabled.
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