Access denied?!!? I own the dam thing!

So I upgraded and basically ended up building a whole new computer. I installed a new WD Velociraptor HD and now have two hard drives. I cloned the original HD to the new WD hard drive and formatted the old one to use as storage/backup. After using Acronis to format, now when I open "my computer", I see my new drive as the "C, local disk" and all the data looks fine on it. The old drive is now "E, local disk" and says "NTFS" below it but nothing else and when I double click it it says "E is not accessible, access denied".

What in the world is wrong now??? I'm so tired of microsoft crap not working.... I'm sure a few of you techies are going, "It's not microsoft, it's your dumb *** that can't figure out... blah blah blah". Well, I just want something to work easily without my investing a bunch of my time researching how to get it to work when I really don't give a rat's *** how it works, I just want it to work. Why is it so hard for microsoft to figure this out? If I were there, I would create an application that says simply, "You want to install a new hard drive and use it? Click here and it's all done. Now what would you like to do with the old one? A. Use it for backup and file storage. B. Eat it. C. Wipe with it. D. None of the above. I swear every time I want to do something to any microsoft machine I have to post on a forum to get it to work.

Okay, so I went from a question to a soap box... sorry. Any ideas on what to do?
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  1. So E is your second drive, and currently has no data? Why not format it from within windows? Right click on the drive in "my computer", go to "Format", and then it should be completely visible from Windows (a quick format should be fine).
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