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Need to build a computer. I just need parts for the main unit, and can reuse a DVD burner drive. USES: digital art and stuff (2D, rarely 3D), internet flash games, basic computing, movie watching. This is not meant to be a gaming computer, but we'd like the ability to play games at good quality (Bioshock, NFSU2, AGE of CONAN?). Our old piece of crap from 2002 couldnt play games from 2002, so we may want to open our eyes to PC gaming. We want it to be quiet, not super big, reliable, (me want power!). I am playing with the idea of using Ubuntu (I know games arent really compatible, and am toying with the idea of multiseat) since it's free, and I've had LOTS of problems with XP and have heard bad things about VISTA. For the short time I used Ubuntu, everything just seemed to work and loved the feeling. If you want more info just ask.

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  1. I built up a computer, tell me what you think. I think it'll be pretty fast, quiet, and reliable. I don't plan on overclocking the e8400 right away unless I can do it with the stock fan/heatsink (does it come with thermal paste?). I plan on using ubuntu








    Totals out to $944, $864 after rebates
  2. Will you be planning on upgrading to cross fire in the future?
    If you are, you may consider upgrading your MOBO to something that has 2 16x PCI E slots.

    I will also recomend this PSU
    cheaper and gots a little more kick

    I just build my rig usuing stuff you have, CPU, vid card, case.
    It all runs very smooth. I also got the x48 mobo and the PSU i linked.

    I love the case! very good looks and very good features.
  3. I don't plan on upgrading to crossfire anytime soon, can't really play games with ubuntu
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