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Hello- My question is to whether or not these online backup services such as Backblaze are secure and safe. If so, they seem like a logical, no worries approach to data backup. Any opinions and recommendations?
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    Are you crazy????

    OK, not fair...

    How's this, You upload everything you've got to me. I won't peek, honest. I have no back-room deals with the FBI, Homeland Security, M15, Scotland Yard, Interpol, the local police or any other snoopy-will-pay-for-info entities. (at least none I'll admit to...) :lol:    I'll be here for years on end, just in case you need your data back, really, you can count on me. [:tigsounds]     If you don't have a computer to download your backup with, I'll loan you one someday (NOT!!!!). [:tigsounds:1]

    Now I know this all sounds too good to be true, but hey, I'm a total stranger, why would I be interested in anything you may have in your computer?? :ange: It's not like you have any personally identifiable information in that machine of yours, and I'd never spike your backup with something bad... would I ??? :ouch:

    So you don't trust me eh? Well, I guess you've investigated those eager on-line boys and have personally known them for years and they are alright with you. You know exactly what they'll be doing with your whole system backup, no need for fear or any other concern. They are "Trustworthy."
    If you don't have any worries, it would only be if you don't have a brain to worry with.

    Back to my original comment....

    Are you crazy????

    Oh, you asked for a recommendation...

    Buy another hard drive, backup to it, store in your home.
  2. I think I would be ok trusting non-sensitive data to notable companies, such as Norton. It's a well known company, that's been around a long time, and has too much to lose, by a data breach. They have online backup as part of their Norton 360 package.

    Generally though, I agree with Tigsounds. I don't want my data out there in someone else's hands.
  3. LMAO!....Tigsounds, that was too good!....Really, if I were you, I'd sell my computer, buy a new suit and apply for a starring role on Saturday Night Live (or equiv.!). No, really, that was my gut feeling, too. I won't say what company suggested I do that- suggesting the possibilities of fire, home invasion, what have you. Being the hopeless paranoic that I am (and yes, I am crazy depending on what day of the week it is!), I definitely wouldn't do that. I am aware of the surrender your soul, legal ramification, fine print nature that is no doubt attached to this service. However, I don't give a rat's behind about what kind of cyber world guru, or what kind of certs and soft/hardware one has- bottom line?...if one of the above bully's has the notion to barge into your existence, they definitely have the torque and where with all to do as they please!..Period! A humans worst enemy is himself through the fragility of our egoes. That's the first and biggest mistake- at that juncture, we are 'had', ya know what I mean? Bottom line: If the NSA, CIA, IRS, or whoever/whatever want in, thy're gettin' in! Trust me, I know just a lil' bit about a G4 classification. In the end, I am thankful to all of you for your advice. I am a bit new to this environment, and not afraid to admit it. There is no such thing as a stupid question, in terms of unbiased perspective- the stupidity lies in the failure of the individual to ask!
    Oh, by the way 'aford10'- how you like that WD Velociraptor? I have a couple of them here I haven't played with yet....
    Thanks again, fellas!
    PS- ' Buy another hard drive, backup to it, store in your home.'....Already did that!
  4. I love the velociraptor! I'm glad I waited until the prices dropped, but it is well worth what I paid for it.
  5. I apologize for getting off topic. I have 2 450GB VR's that I hope to put in a RAID format on this new machine I'm working on. Even thinking about an SSD boot drive. Read an article in the latest CPU magazine about the intricacies of the SSD's in general and I don't know if I'm ready to bite off that big of a chunk yet!- I've much to learn! But, thanks to these forums and folks such as yourself, we'll get there...eventually!
  6. Quote:
    Read an article in the latest CPU magazine about the intricacies of the SSD's in general and.....
    Say What??? Not cool man. You're supposed to get your info from Tom's !! :non:

    Gotta be a way to ban that guy for spam or somptin'. :pfff:
  7. LOL!...So pweeez, I'll be a gooood doggie!
  8. OK, but only if I can drive your car....... alone.
  9. C'mon Tigsounds!....what was your term in the reply to my original post???...Somethin' about 'Trustworthy'?....Yeah, I guess it'll be ok....BUT! only under a couple of conditions: 1) Take my ol' lady with ya and let her pump the 106, and 2) bring the car back in an hour (singular!). Be prepared, that 510lbs/ft with that 3.73 gear will send ya to the chiropractor...maybe even the orthopedic surgeon!... but watch out if ya wind up havin' to go to the urologist!!!...See whY I just want the car back???...LMFAO!
  10. Oh, I'll need somethin in 'bout I use you for my 'online backup service'??? Would ya do that for me?!
  11. timw128 said:
    C'mon Tigsounds!....what was your term in the reply to my original post???...Somethin' about 'Trustworthy'?....

    Oh.. That "trustworthy" business??? go back and notice.. I was talking about the other guys ! :lol:    My exact words were..
    They are "Trustworthy."
    conditions: 1) Take my ol' lady with ya
    Now, either you're trying to get rid of her or she has a sister.... hmmm... :love: Most girls I take for a ride in a car like that end up screaming they'll do anything, just slow down (or better yet, stop). :cry:
    I agree, and then stop and park someplace.... :sol:

    Ya, you'll get your car back... kinda' like the time I rented a car and down where I sign the contract I signed "I disagree" and the fools, they gave the keys and I was off! Didn't read it !! :lol: Boy what a day that was.

  12. Well alrightee then!...She's parked out by the curb waitin' for ya.....been sittin' there idlin' for awhile....with the camshaft I've got in her, she loads up real quick....the car that is!...I was fortunate to be able to find all the factory Stage 2 parts over the years. Buick only cast up 6-8 prs. of the Stage 2 cyl. heads. With the headers uncorked and some 9" slicks on her she's run a 10.14 @ 129. The Z06 boys in town hate it!!
    Hey, know anything about ODD's and the 'autoplay' feature in XP? (Now were gettin' way off topic!)
  13. timw128 said:

    Hey, know anything about ODD's and the 'autoplay' feature in XP? (Now were gettin' way off topic!)

    I think it's supposed to get it's own new thread

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