Gaming Laptop Video Card Suggestions? For COD4 and CSS MAX Settings

Hey I'm looking for a Mobile Video card Idea, that will be able to run COD4 and CSS max, AA isn't that important though to me:)

I was looking at either the 8700M GT, 8800 GTS, 9650 (8700 GT), 9600M GT or 8600 GTS in SLI. Although I'm not a big fan of SLI in laptops:p

Any Suggestions would be greatly Appreciated, and please choose other Video cards, other than the ones above if you have too:)
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  1. Of those, the 8800 GTS should be the fastest since it has 64 stream processors while the 8600s and 8700s have 32 (or 64 total in SLI) I went with a laptop with an 8800 GTS specifically to avoid the hassle of SLI... just didn't want any compatibility issues to fool around with.

    You can get a Gateway with an 8800 GTS for around $1300... that's a heck of a lot of mobile gaming muscle.

    My HP laptop has an 8800 GTS and I'm playing AOC w/ medium settings with 4XAA and Bloom enabled and getting around 50 fps. DO NOT QUOTE ME ON ANY OF THAT... that's as best I can remember. The game runs fine for me although I'm not particularly enjoying it.
  2. Another thing worth mentioning... a large number of 8600 series parts are probably going to be recalled due to some sort of defect. 8800s were not mentioned a part of this problem.

    I was expecting a massive amount of noise while gaming with my 8800 GTS and so far have been pleasantly surprised.

    Unless you can go for an 8800 GTX setup or even an 8800 GTX SLI setup, 8800 GTS is as good as it gets for now. Nvidia will probably release a 9 series GPU that's comparable to the 8800 GTS, but as of yet you can't buy one. I'm not familiar enough with the games you mentioned to comment on the FPS, but an 8800 GTS is roughly the equivalent of an 9600 GT desktop card... and I know there are benchmarks out there for that card. That's pretty much the level of performance you should expect.
  3. isnt all the those chips screwed up because of Nvidia's **** manufacturing processes?

    Lets wait for a mobile version of the HD4870...
  4. there probably won't be due to the heat...
  5. You want either an 8800m (either one) or a 9800M (again, either one).
  6. thnx alot guys, Alienware is retarded, they give weird options, I found a ASus Computer for around 1000$, and it came with an 9600M GS I beleive what do you guys think?

    There were very little builts that were under 2500$ that had a 8800M:P.

    I hope I find something better!
  7. cruiseoveride said:
    isnt all the those chips screwed up because of Nvidia's **** manufacturing processes?

    Lets wait for a mobile version of the HD4870...

    No, if you bothered to read you'd have seen that the 8800 series was not included in that list. 8400/8600s were however mentioned as being defective.
  8. I really like this one, Know any good cases? or carrying cases that would fit this monster?:D
  9. Having a Godly desktop can be trouble-some when buying a laptop because your standards are already so high...

    My laptop has a 512mb 8800m GTX and that thing is rapid, so much better than my secondary comp with the 1900XTX. Runs most games at max on 1440x900 15" wide-screen.

    Bioshock, C&C 3, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Kane & Lynch and Medal of Honor: Airborne run maxxed. Racedriver GRID can run maxxed, however after 20 mins it get ruddy hot. Crysis runs at HIGH no AA smoothly, although some graphical errors (latest drivers and patches).

    Yet to install COD 4, BF2 still rocks my world...

    *EDIT* Look here for laptop benches :
  10. yeah its an awesome card, but I also need portability lol:p thats why I just want to stick to COD4 and CSS, no AA on neither:P


    Also I found out that the 8700M GT is a overclocked 8600m GT.

    The 9700m GT is a overclocked 9600M GT (also the 9600, 9500 GS could OC to the 9700) from what I understand:S
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