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I am looking for a good TV tuner that works on vista 64 and was wondering what your recommendations are based on personal experience. The ideal price would be up to 90-100$ but ill spend more if its really worth it, remote is not a quality is more important for me.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Well I have the hauppauge 1600, it runs about 100.00. I hear theres a 1800 now which is probably better somehow. Video quality is about as good at SDTV can be, not much better but not worse than other tuner offerings. You have the option of getting an ATSC antenna to view over the air (OTA) HDTV but you have to switch manually (press a button) to go back and forth from SD to HD. Keep in mind too that if you are using a cable box you're best bet is to get one with a IR blaster so Windows Media Center can give you the best compatibility possible. The 1600/1800 have IR blasters (pragramable IR receiver, lets you use any remote for your system, + the one with your cablebox).

    One other thing. Make sure the tuner you pick has drivers for 64- bit windows. The tuner just flat out wont work without 64 bit drivers. Most recent tuners are, but make sure you check their support site before you buy!
  2. I use the TV Wonder 650 PCI. The picture is clear. I went from the X1900 AIW to the 650 and I was floored by the quality over the Theater 200 on the AIW.

    I got the 650 thru ATI, because the replaced the X1900 AIW with a X1900GT and the TV Wonder 650 because Vista did not work with the AIW.

    The new 650 Combo will do HD. It works in Vista X64 Media Center.

  3. I second 1haplo's suggestion. I didnt get the 650 last year because it didnt have 64-bit support at the time, now that it does it is probably the best way to go.
  4. I use ATI 650 Combo Tuner...It works and i run on vista-ultimate 64....

    It has its own issues but its the best among the available tuner in market. It runs HD and standard TV
  5. Sweet, thx for the awesome replies, I really appreciate it. I love how fast and detailed people answer on these forums :D.

    Thanks again
  6. the hauppauge 1800 or 1600. I think the only real diff between the two is the 1800 is pci-e x1 and the 1600 is pci. Just get the driver through windows update and it works. I don't know about the IR transmitter though, I never used a set top box so i didn't have to worry about it.
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