Question about my timings

Hi All,

I have a question about my timings.
I have a Q9550 CPU and Corsair DDR3-1333 memory (
My motherboard is a Asus.

I OC my CPU to 8.5*400 = 3.4 GHZ, ans set the frequency of my memory to 400 Mhz.

My memory is running a 6-6-6-18
I made some tests, no errors.

Are those timings normal ? Can I lower them ?
What should be the best timings ?

Thanks a lot.
Always confused with this stuff... :sarcastic:
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  1. The lower the timings the better so make them as low as possible.
  2. yes thanks I will try.

    I was just wondering if there is any theoretical timings for my settings, just to have a reference...
  3. Unlink your memory and run your memory at 667 MHZ. Try tightening the timings and test with memtest86+ for errors.
  4. Why 667 ?

    It won't match the CPU FSB anymore (currently 1:1)?

    And with a FSB at 667, I need a multiplier at 5 (for 3.4 Ghz), but the lower available is 6.
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