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What are the advantages of SSD drives? Are there any drawbacks?
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  1. They are extremely fast and low power. The main disadvantage is the cost and small size though.
  2. Those kingston drives are ideal for quick boot drives. Maybe throw one or two well used applications (latest favorite game ! ;) as well.
    They aren't great for storage but you probably already have a decent storage drive. They aren't top o the line SSD's, but they are affordable and do not suffer from stutter. I recommend the SSD now 40Gb.
  3. Yep, you pay extra to get amazing performance. Don't judge them based on the cost per GB of storage, 'cause that's definitely not the reason to buy one.
  4. I bought the new 40 gig version for my new build. Of couse its a clean install, but I had just done 2 other clean installs on a Seagate 320, and WD 10,000 rpm 37 gig HD. To the Windows 7 screen with IE8 ready to go. 19 seconds for the ssd and 50 for the other two. After my bios is done doing its job(on screen for 10 seconds) the os loads in 9. Its impressive and convenient. This drive has a much slower WRITE speed than the Intel, thats only apparent when transferring large files. But reading them is instant.
  5. So when you subtract the BIOS time out of the mix, the SSD boots Windows up over 4 times faster than the hard drive. Nice.
  6. I bought the 128GB drive for my first gen MacBook Pro, and wow, what a difference. The whole experience is dramatically different from my old drive: I had gotten used to my Mac running relatively hot and loud, it's a weird feeling to be working away and to have it be so eerily quiet and cool. The best way to describe performance is snappy, like click and the action is executed with little or no delay. I got the drive for $250, and the price was definitely worth the significant uptick in performance, it really gave my four-year old laptop a new life.
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