CRT is being weird

this is probably in the wrong section?

okay i have been running my 2 monitors for forever usually they are fine

but recently my crt has not been wanting to show up it eventually starts working again but it is very aggrivating because as people with 2 monitors know once you have 2 its hard to go to one

it feels to small and not enough screen space and i HATE IT so i was wondering if anyone has encountered a problem where a monitor periodically stopped working

i left for quakecon last thrusday and both monitors were working i came home last night and they were both working but i had to restart to get my mouse working and then when it came back on the monitor was not working

i hit the button the light goes green for a sec then turns off

my computer like normal sees the monitor but nothing beyond this happens

any advice beyond trash my crt?
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  1. Take it down to your local tv repair place, sounds like a probelm with the internal power supply. Only really fixeable by soemone who knows their way around with a multimeter and soldering iron.
  2. Unplugg it from the wall for a while and see if it snaps out of it. Works for my old CRT, it has similar start-up problems but once it gets going it works just fine. :)
  3. sounds like swollen capacitors. My CRT went dead a few weeks ago. the world of LCD monitors is an imperfect world i agree.
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