SLi 8800GS vs ???

I'm working on a new build and was wondering about GPUs

Previously I had an 8800GS and really liked the card and was wondering about my next card

I have a budget of $150 for the GPU, give or take $10

Mobo is Asus M2N-SLi and not sure about PSU, but i'm thinking about antec neopower 550

So sli the GS later, or get a 9600GT or 8800GT now??

And would that PSU push the two GS's, and 6000X2 at stock speeds??

Thanks alot
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  1. Oh, and resolution will be 16x12 and under
  2. what about a 4850?
  3. the mobo i've picked is SLi ready...........
  4. then maybe one 8800gt 512 mb now? they seem to be a pretty decent deal at around
    110 bucks. i ve seen some at this price
  5. really??? well i'll have to do more looking
  6. cheapest GTS I found was $150 where did you find the one for $110?
  7. he said GT not GTS
  8. oh, sorry

    My only thought there is heat
  9. theres not much heat on the g92 cores compared to the g80.

    i believe the 8800gt loades at 65c and idles at 55.
  10. ok, that's good to know

    just one more question, at my res, would I see any boost from Sli??

    And what res would SLi start to help?
  11. basically you would see a boost starting at 16x12 at maxed settings.

    so keep it there.

    your neopower 550 would handle everything nicely.
  12. ok, thanks alot everyone
  13. ehh. something is not clear. do you already have a 8800gs or not? if so it s as good as a 9600gt and a little worse than 8800gt and to buy another one would be great at 16*12
  14. If you already have an 8800gs and sli motherboard, then your cheapest and best upgrade would be another 8800gs. Newegg currently has the evga 8800gs for $80AR shipped. I got mine for $65 with a coupon code, but that's expired now.
  15. I have nothing right now, but have had a GS in the past
  16. dbman19 said:
    I have nothing right now, but have had a GS in the past

    In that case, with your budget of around $150, get an HD4850.
  17. SLI can help at low resolution even. Just look at Crysis DX10 very high and at 1024x768 is can provide a playable difference. (see 9800GX2 vs 8800GTS 512MB)

    Most current games, it takes a higher resolution to make the single card struggle, but SLI can benefit any time you are GPU limited.

    If you had an SLI mobo and 8800GS already I would say at 1600x1200 for sure SLI the 8800GS (I am myself). But seeing how you do not have a card now, then you have more options. Two 8800GS will pretty much beat anything under $200 in most games, so it's a good choice. But, the HD4850 looks like a great option too. A single 9800GTX (if priced about the same) is a good option too. Otherwise, if you want to stick to NV the 8800GT or GTS (512MB) may be your best bang/buck if going for a single card now.
  18. Thanks again, does anyone have SLi benchies they can post?? SLied 8800GS's?
  19. dbman19 said:
    Thanks again, does anyone have SLi benchies they can post?? SLied 8800GS's?

    google does...
  20. they must be hiding from me
  21. don't listen to physicz... a 8800 gs is almost = to those cards at low resolutions... your best bet is to get a second 8800 gs...

    your next upgrade though is going to require a bit more money to get a noticeable increase in performance
  22. dbman19 said:
    Thanks again, does anyone have SLi benchies they can post?? SLied 8800GS's?

    I can give you some 8800GT 512MB SLI scaling results I just finished up doing. (edit: actually re-doing after getting a 24" LCD and being able to now do 19x12 res)

    System is in my sig. Q6600 @ 3.0GHz. BFG 8800GT OC(s) at factory speeds. All results are using fraps during repeatable actual gameplay of demanding levels/areas of the game.

    Call of Duty 4: (1920x1200 max details 4xaa/16xaf) Mission Warpig
    Single 8800GT - 46.757 ave, 28 min, 64 max
    SLI 8800GT - 88.484 ave, 52 min, 136 max
    SLI scaling over single card (ave fps) - 89.24%

    Crysis: (1920x1200 Win XP all HIGH settings 0xaa/1xaf) Paradise Lost
    Single 8800GT - 18.944 ave, 13 min, 24 max
    SLI 8800GT - 30.360 ave, 22 min, 39 max
    SLI scaling over single card (ave fps) - 60.26%

    Oblivion: (1920x1200 max details 4xaa/16xaf) Foliage
    Single 8800GT - 25.530 ave, 18 min, 35 max
    SLI 8800GT - 48.603 ave, 36 min, 64 max
    SLI scaling over single card (ave fps) - 90.38%

    For fun I may do evga 8800GS SC 384MB SLI testing same settings as above.
  23. thanks alot
  24. No problem. Keep in mind scaling results will vary by game and even area in a game. (edit: example - Oblivions towns are more CPU limited and this kind of scaling would not happen. ) Not to mention system specs, resolution, eye candy settings, etc. I'm hoping to go more in depth someday and do a good dozen or more games with a few SLI combos.
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