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I am planning on overclocking my core i7 920 with my asus p6t and am not aiming to go near 4.0, thinking somewhere around 3.4-3.5 is plenty for me. I was wondering if there is an advantage to keeping the turbo mode on in aitweak bios setting, so when not running at a heavy load, the cpu can adjust the clock. i know if you disable it, you will always receive a stable clock, is there any advantage to always having a stable clock, versus one that is adjusted via the turbo function?
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  1. It will depend on your overclock...some people say turn it off before you start. I say the might as well leave it on and see it you can get a little extra boost until you find out it won't work at the speed you want. Most builds I'm able to get to 4.0 with turbo still on, so there is nothing to lose by trying it.
  2. so if I only go to like 3.5, then having turbo on will really put my computer at no additional risk?
  3. I don't know of any risk by using turbo. It has the potential to make an overclock unstable, but if you can run prime 95 with your desired overclock and leave it on you've just gained a nice little boost for free.
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