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Hello,a few days ago...i bought a new Acer monitor...i plugged it on the computer...and it wont turn i decided to open through safe mode and what i discover was...the Nvidia driver was i install it again...the next day it happen again...the driver is still i install it again..and restart it..but after finished loading window...the monitor when blank...but it sound like it was enterting window(you know..the sound when entering window and it say wlcome)...but nothing on display...i tried to enter through safe mose...but it got stuck...before choosing Account User...i tried safe mode with command prompt and safe mode with networking.. and still the same problem...i also tried Last Known Good Configuration...but nothing happen...i got frusted by the second...
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  1. First of all, where did you get the driver? Did you get the latest driver update from the Nvidia website?
    did you delete the old driver before installing the new one?
    did you turn off your antivirus before installing the driver? then restart the computer and turn the antivirus back on.
    you might need to do that stuff.
  2. ,yeah,i get it from the Nvidia website....actually no...the driver keep missing...i couldn't figure why it keep missing..but that day,the old driver was still in the hard disk nut son't work,so i decided to delete the previous one...and install the new one i didn't turn off the antivirus...but the problem is,i can't even enter through safe mode to fix this problem... :( :( :(
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