Do I need to overclock my other components to compensate for an SLI

I have recently put together a pny 9800gtx+ sli setup in my computer. I have a 750watt corsair PSU, Nvidia p5ne-sli 650i MB, 4gb ddr2 800, Q6600 @ 2.75ghz, 7200rpm sata 3g/s HD... my question is will my cpu or other components possibly hold back the power of my sli setup? For example would anybody recommend OC'ing my cpu to like 3.2ghz? Ty
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  1. well... why wouldnt you OC it to 3.2?
  2. well its got stock cooling and all, I just wanted to see if and how badly 2.75ghz may hold back the sli so I can look into possibly upgrading the cooling and overclocking even more
  3. It might hold it back a little but not majorly so.
    If you 650i motherboard will let you, defiantly try for 3Ghz+.
    Even if you do not really need it, the extra speed is never bad to have.
  4. Cool thanks guys. What about memory? I'm not at my computer right now but when I run cpu-z it always says my 2 sticks are running at like 333mhz and around 500mhz when they are rated at 800 (ddr2 800) maybe i'm not reading something right but is that normal?
  5. Yeah, that is normal.
    Remember that your RAM is DDR (Double Data Rate).
    That means that it runs at twice the set frequency (transferring data at both the peak and the trough of the clock cycle).
    In actuality, DDR2 800Mhz RAM is running at 400Mhz.
  6. awesome, you guys have been a lot of help
  7. +1 for OCing to at least 3.0ghz

    I had a very similar setup but with a 680I and a E6850 @ 3.6ghz 4g DDR2 with SLI 9800GTX+ SC. Ive been really happy with it.

    Have fun !

    P.S. Read the OC tuto and ROCK ON !
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