Can I Overclock More?

I have an e5200 cpu running at 4.00Ghz @ 1.38v.
After running OCCT it didn't even hit 50 degrees.
Does this mean I should go further?

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  1. Check out the temperature specifications for the chip, and if they are higher, go for it.
  2. It all depends. You're very lucky to be hitting that. I'd say go to 4.2 run prime for 1 hour. If it doesn't fail you should be good. However, do try your best to find 5-7 hours to run prime95 just to make sure your system is stable. If it fails, increase to 1.4. If you can't hit 4.2 with 1.4 then you should just keep it where you are now. 4 GHz is good with that cheap anways.
  3. damn! thats a nice OC! what cooler do you happen to be using?
  4. It's only an Akasa "Hi - performance Lo - Noise Cooler", but it's on MAX and I have another 7 fans in my case.
  5. yeah nice OC! i wouldnt go above 1.4v personally. but if temps are good at 1.4v see what you can get out of it!
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