Can I set the CPU Frequency above the Ram?

I have DDR3-1333 Ram, so the max frequency I should get is 333mhz
so my fsb would be 1333

but can I run my cpu frequency at 400mhz and leave my ram at 1333mhz??

sorry for the bad grammar
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  1. ?
  2. Yes you can, and it shouldn't harm anything.
  3. Yes, any modern board will allow seperate settings, divider, mulitplier, whatever you want to call it for your CPU and RAM.
    If you change or increase the front side bus, you simply have to find the correct divider for your memory to keep it running at the speed you want. I am not too familiar with i7 systems, but normally you would figure out what the divider for the memory needs to be set at, in relation to the bus speed you are going to set, and set the memory first, then set the bus speed second. That prevents a boot failure from your memory being overclocked past stability.
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