Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered.

Hello all hope u are fine :)
Today i was playing COD4 multiplayer and suddenly the screen went black and flashed many times and i had to use task manager to end COD4,at the bottom near the clock i got this message:
nvlddmkm driver has stopped working but has recovered successfully

Then i couldnt play it,so i had to restart, when the windows boot up again, i went and played Crysis but my FPS dropped alot,i dont know what do

I have DELL XPS M1730 with DUAL 8800MGTX and 4GB RAM with a T9300 CPU and i am using the latest nvidia drivers.
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  1. Are you using Dell's display drivers, or the official NVIDIA ones? Try using the other one, and make sure to kill any remains of previous driver installations.
  2. I am using nvidia drivers,and i am doing a clean install,i uninstalled the nvidia dirvers and used driver cleaner pro in safe mode and now i am installing the drivers again and i will tell u the results.

    thanks for the help.
  3. Maziar, also please check your graphics cards and system memory.
    This looks like there had been a hardware deadlock that watchdog timer forced that deadlock broke.
  4. Do you know if any of your hardware was OC'ed from the factory??? I get that error when I push the OC on my 9600GT too far.
  5. Well i did the things that i said and it seems to have been fixed,i get good FPS in Crysis again and COD4 is fine and i dont get that error again,but what if it happens again??

    to DigitalMicron,no a laptop doesnt come Pre OC'd
  6. hmm. might just have got too hot and caused a slight instability in the GPU. Try to keep your laptop cold. (In fact, heat over 25 C kills your battery faster than anything.)
  7. no its not overheating,also for XPS M1730 the idle temp of GPU is 75c :D and the temps were 85c which are safe for this laptop.
  8. Bad news :(
    I was playing COD4 and it suddently the screen went black flashing and i got "DIRECT X has encountered a problem" error and it came to windows and again i got the Driver stopped responding and has recovered message :(
  9. Your GPU is overheating, i am almost 100% sure of it. I've dealt with this problem.. in a laptop and on a desktop. Both said the temperatures were inside their limits but it still was occuring. As soon as I either under clocked the gpu or got better cooling the problem went away.

    P.S. This also occurs when i overclock my 8800GT to far in my current rig.
  10. I cant downclock it,because i will lose peformance,also notebook coolers arent available in IRAN,also there are lots of other M1730 with my temps and they dont have this problem.
  11. semlethe3rd said:
    Your GPU is overheating, i am almost 100% sure of it. I've dealt with this problem.. in a laptop and on a desktop. Both said the temperatures were inside their limits but it still was occuring. As soon as I either under clocked the gpu or got better cooling the problem went away.

    P.S. This also occurs when i overclock my 8800GT to far in my current rig.


    i had this problem with my 7900GTX in my desktop rig on Vista. Problem turned out the be NVIDIAs drivers for Vista. The card didn't get hotter than 46C under 100% load but the problem still happened. I went back to XP 32-bit and everything has been A-OK since.

    EDIT: oh yeah. did i mention i RMAed the card 3 times before switching back to XP, same problem on all 3. even used a Zalman VF900 cooler and ramsinks (43C under full load with that) with the same effect on Vista. and i tried beta drivers as well as 6 driver versions previous to the ones i was trying.
  12. strange
    I was searching in google and someone said that CLOSE XFIRE and i did and it seems to have been fixed,i will tell u if it happened again.

    thanks guys :)
  13. I'd say you got one of Nvidias faulty/hot GPUS that is widely known infeting millions of notebooks currently. Theres a Bios fix that makes your fan run on ful 100% to fix it, however many customers are unhappy there shiny new laptop soundsl ike a airplane now.

    Class action lawsuit is on the way.
  14. Doubtful? are you kidding me? i can replicate this error over and over again if i want.. just set my gpu core slightly over the max and play CoD4 for about 10-15 minutes(my gpu will get up to about 65C which is fine).. will happen everytime. Im not saying this is the only reason why it could happen, so i guess i shouldn't have said 100% sure. I have a dual boot system and if i boot into XP it wont occur indeed, but this could be vista's way of protecting your hardware.. who knows.
  15. Well its fixed now,as i said i disabled XFIRE and everything is fine,i will tell u if anything wrong happens.

    Also roadrunner,i thought that only 8600MGT cards are affected,so the 8800MGTXs are affected too?
  16. they 8800's haven't been named, but I would be wary...

    And again, its not NVIDIA's fault their suppliers messed up big.
  17. I played alot today with XFIRE closed,and i didnt encountered any problems hopefully.
  18. Guys bad news :(
    I was playing COD4 yesterday and i noticed that my FPS has dropped alot,i played Crysis and it was the same,

    Now today when i was playing COD4,it suddnely stopped and came to windows and i got the "DirectX has encountered an Error" message,so what must i do?
  19. Maziar, recommend you yo RMA your laptop. It looks like you've overheated your GPU and it's contact with the cooler's broken. (Can happen, due to asymmetrical expansion of heated material)
  20. Why don't you look at your temps before we just assume the GPUs are overheating?

    Have you reverted back to the stock drivers, or are you still on the nvidia ones?

    Prop the bottom of the notebook up during gameplay, let the intakes get some more air.

    If the GPUs had come loose from their heatsinks, they would likely no longer exist, I'm not ready to buy that one yet. Though the boards might have warped or something...

    Check those temps!

    This is sad to hear...that review was so good..

    edit: I've also heard that the bad mobile GPU's are only the 8400 and 8600 series. If you think about it, most notebooks with these cards use crappier cooling systems, often sharing heatsinks between CPU and GPU; units with the 8800m series generally offer dedicated GPU cooling systems.
  21. No one knows which gpus are overheating from nVidia for sure. But check those temps. Heres something that may not help, but may. Either way, its good to be up to date. Its a new DX update http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=2da43d38-db71-4c1b-bc6a-9b6652cd92a3&DisplayLang=en
  22. It doesn't need to be a bad GPU. Just the thermal paste between the GPU and heatsink might have been less or not proportionally distributed.

    Those temp readings might be misleading, if some half of the chip is cooled but the other isn't cooled that well. Or whether the heat sensor isn't broken itself or not. Better RMA.
  23. Either way, his notebook isn't going to blow up or something - why not check the temps anyway? (but some cool durons on youtube do explode! (even if they have explosives set inside the socket, it's still cool to watch))

    I don't know how easy the XPS is to dismantle, if you wanted to inspect the heatsinks and boards themselves, but it is still under warranty. It'll just suck to send it away to dell. I think if I had just bought that thing and then had to box it back up...I just might cry.
  24. @Frozenlead, will you cover if DELL would refuse to RMA and opened XPS laptop? :P I think better play safe and let them handle the situation. :)

    And about the temps, I'm sure he's already looked at them. *This* looks like a hardware problem from the *very* beginning.

    And Maziar isn't a child. Have you read his articles on SLI and CF?
  25. @Frozenlead
    Sorry, mate, kill me for not reading your post to the end, OK?
  26. Didn't mean any of that in a mean way, sorry if you took it that way! I was just trying to bring in a little fun to a not-so-fun situation. Makes things easier, eh?

    The dismantle thing is a last resort, but yes, you're right, warranty comes first.

    I don't remember treating Maziar like a child, but he wouldn't have posted if he didn't want help, so I'm just giving my two cents. He didn't run into trouble when he did the review, he's had the notebook for a little while now. He hasn't posted the temps yet..so I'm safe in assuming he hasn't looked at them.

    Not trying to shoot anyone down, just offering what's asked.
  27. I have talked about the DELL drivers in my review,with one of them Crysis has problems and with the other one COD4 has problems.

    The normal idle temp for this laptop is 75c(for GPUs) and because the keyboard has an little screen i can see the temps,in COD4 they are 85c which is again normal.

    Also i cant RMA this laptop,because i am in IRAN and my uncle brought it for me from UK.

    I installed the 177.41(i had 177.79) and it didnt gave me an error for now but i really feel that i am not getting the performance that i need,FPS has dropped and the gameplay isnt smooth as it was before:(

    to jaydee,ok i will install that and will tell u,thanks alot guys
  28. I wanted to download the DirectX but when i give the code,it says: We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found.
  29. Well i figured that my laptop was on power saving mode,so it set it to high perofrmance and its fine now and Crysis FPS is good :) so i will check COD4 and if there was any errors i will tell y

    thx again guys :)
  30. The link may be for US only. Try MS site, theyll have it. Is this a new bios ? I know nVidia has released newer bios to control heat in laptops, also could maybe effect performance. I hope not
  31. Thanks
    You mean Nvidia released a new BIOS for M1730? or is it available from Dell's site?
  32. Should be on Dells site. From what Ive read, the new bios helps heat issues with the gpu. The fan speeds are upped
  33. ok i will check when i will be sure it will be safe :D thnx
  34. I heard the bios does very little to curve heat problems.

    We seem to be at odds all the time, jaydeejohn :kaola:
  35. It depends on the gpu actually. Its a HW problem, trying to be solved in SW, go figure? We dont disagree here, I said helps, but at the cost of battery life. But it may be the difference of being able to play games or not for Maziar
  36. I dont know i have to search more about the new BIOS and the download it.
  37. Well, battery life shouldn't matter much while playing games, should it? But I'd still expect a reduction, with the fans on just for regular cooling.
  38. Exactly, totally worth it, if the higher fan speeds allows better cooling. Thats why I said may, as if heat is the issue here, itll help
  39. Well i googled about that BIOS and i didnt find any noticeable changes.
  40. Sadly, the best drivers for non problem issues has been the 169 drivers for me. I put up with occasional freezes with the newer drivers. Might try the old 169 drivers, if theyre available to you. They just seem more rock solid. Im hoping this helps you my friend, cause this stinks if it doesnt. I know youve given up alot going from your old rig. Good luck, and I hope this helps, or someone does, cause Im stumped, without a newer bios, it may still be a heat issue, tho Im hoping not, maybe just a driver issue
  41. Thanks

    Well i was looking @ Nividas site today and they finally added a driver for XPS M1730 with 2x8800MGTX (the old drivers were only for 8700MGT)so i will download it and see what will happen.
  42. Let us know, and good luck
  43. I downloaded it and i went to play COD4 MULTIPLAYER,well the game started and before i move the screen went blank but after few seconds it came back to the game,when i finished playing i came back to windows and i see the "Driver stopped...." message again,but before it didnt let me play when i got this error but this time it let me play.

    Then i went to check Crysis SP and bad thing happened,i got FPS drop :(

    I really dont know what to do,i payed alot for this(with the support of my family)and at the end i cant play with it smoothly :(
  44. Are your temps spiking at all? Reaching its hottest when it slows down? Also, check your cpu, it could be slowing down as well, could be a heat issue with it as well.
  45. My temps never goes more than 92c,when it reaches 92c it comes down.
    Also idle temps are 73c.

    I will disable Speedstep for CPU but i dont think anything will hapepen.
  46. So any other comments?
  47. Only thing left to me is malware? Im stumped
  48. Today i wanted to test WIC,it didnt let me to change any GPU settings(resolutions,quality....)i was stuck with 1280x800 resolution and default settings and gameplay wasnt good :(
  49. Reformat? Only thing i've got left.
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