College network connection issues

I am at a university that has a network that is very frustrating. I can't stay connected to the internet long before webpages refuse to load and facebook even freezes. I can't play any online games, since my connection seems to cut out completely. Skype will run ok for about 15 minutes then disconnect.

Here's what I have:
laptop and desktop: both have wireless and wired connections, which both work equally the same.
--using Cisco clean access agent to connect to he network for security reasons--

What I'm wondering:

-Is there any possible way that I can do something on my end to keep a stable connection? I have seen other people playing games online with their game consoles and they don't seem to have a problem.

If there are any questions, I will be more than happy to clarify.

I have put up with this horrible lagtastic connection for a few months now until it has driven me crazy!!!

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  1. Is YOUR pc clean? Don't rely on the Cisco thing to work 100%.
    Have you talked to the University network department about this?
  2. Yes, both of my computers are up to date on anti virus and anti spyware updates. I run spyware scans once a week with two different programs.

    I think I will have to talk to someone in IT because even programs like Skype do not work well.
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