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a couple days agao i was cleaning the inside of my pc for dust and everything. i did the usualy good clean of the psu and cpu fans. after i switched on the pc i was looking inside for no apparent reasong (i leave the side cover off) and i happened to notice the cpu fan was not spinning! nothing was out of the ordinary, my system booted up and ran just find. the thing is i touched the cpu fan just lightly and it started spinning, however pretty noisy. when i touch it again, it stops again. so this morning i took it apart again, this time taking the cpu fan off of the heatsink and just fiddled with the wires and what not to see if it would start on its own when i booted up... it did. i also noticed that when i hace the fan off the heatsink and spit it it doesnt make the noise, only after attached to the heatsink. could it be off balance or something and rubbing against the heatsink? it was a couple of days between when i noticed the fan not spinning and just leaving it to this morning when i got it running on its own from boot up. im starting to think maybe the fan has never ran at all? are they supposed to be constantly running and is this noise normal? if i touch the fan lightly it stops again... i've used fanspped to see the temetures and it is at 31c wheather the fan is running or not, goin up and down just a couple degrees on its own every now and then. another thing about fanspeed is when i do have the fan running the rpms stay at zero? so what should i do leave the noisy fan running or touch it and stop it? i've had my pc for about seven years and it is still running in tip top shape. i really dont think the fan has ever spun or wouldnt i have heard teh noise before now? im gonna leave it to where the fan isnt running for now, at least im sure of a stable system this way.

system specs...
emachines t1115
1.0 ghz intel celeron processor
128 ram upgraded to 256
20 gb hdd upgraded to 40 gb hdd
the cpu fan itself is avc model c6010t12h but i cant
really find anything on it...

any help and suggestions are appreciated.
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    The fan is not supposed to be noisy. Maybe you have a bad bearing.
    There may be a setting in the bios to control the fan. The fan may only come on at a certain temperature. Celerons run pretty cool fortunately.
    In any case I would replace that fan.
    Here are some replacement heatsinks.

    Top 5 heatsinks:

    Top 5 Low Profile Heatsinks on Frostytech
  2. Download CPU-Z and determine what socket your motherboard is.
    Based on the socket you can find a replacement heatsink.
    You will also need thermal paste, like Arctic Silver. Follow the instructions on the website for application.
  3. thank you for the fast reply and the links evon. there is no obvious fan settings in the bios that i can see, which is a phoenix bios btw... so, if im pretty sure the fan has not been running for quite a long time and the tempetures are at 31c and not anywhere near the 50c warning would it be okay to just not have it running at all? i leave my computer on for days on end with no errors reported in event viewer and my system is fast and stable... do i really need a new one in this situation?
  4. ^ +1 yes, you really should replace the fan.
  5. socket is 370-fc pga.. have no idea what that means lol. so i should get a new heat sink and a new fan then? or just fan? it seems to me the noise is coming from the fan rubbing the heatsink, even if i loosin the screws a little it does not stop it... if there is somthing wrong with the bearings in the fan would it not make a noise while spinning detached from the heatsink? guess its time for an upgrade then... thank you guys so much for your time and help.
  6. Here are some Socket 370 heatsinks:

    Purchase also some Arctic Silver and some rubbing alcohol/acetone for removing the old paste.
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