Why does the 9600GT crash for some games but not others?

For some reason I can play some of the highest end games...but some of the lower end graphic games like MMO's, swat 4, and Battlefront seem to crash...nothing did before I purchased my PX9600GT 512MB.

The screen will turn black and all programs cease to funtion...the computer will stay on..but act almost like it's on a type of standby...

Is there some type of configuration for the card I can fix? or do I just have to purchase a whole different card in order to fix this problem?

My specs are---

M2n32 SLI deluxe
3 GB DDR memory
Athlon X2 5600+
PX9600GT 512MB
550 watt PS (25A on 12V line)

Thanks in advance to anyone who has an answer
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  1. Try the 177.79 drivers...they seem to work well.....and turn up everything in your older games......tinker with everything including vsinc......I had that problem once before....and don't overclock anything....it will cause some games to crash
  2. Looks to me like a driver/software problem. What drivers and OS are you running?
  3. Currently i'm using the 175.19 drivers

    And my operating system is

    Window's XP pro w/sp2
  4. Ok this is the strange part...for Swat it will crash randomly...

    For Star wars galaxies...it crashes ONLY when I go inside a building...

    For star wars battlefront...it crashes either if i've played for over a half hour..Or if i got to geonosis...

    I just installed the 177.79 drivers for XP...but it still crashes religiously at those exact parts...same as before...
  5. Where are the 177.79 drivers? I just looked on Nvidia's web site and they still only have 175.19 for Vista x64...are the new drivers only for XP?
  6. Just punch in 177.79 drivers on your search bar...it'll give you the option to download them for XP 32/64 bit and Vista 32/64 bit
  7. Ok...they must not have them entered in the "driver area" on the web site yet. I'll do a search when I get home and update my 8800GT
  8. Master_chr 1s,

    I also have a 9600GT and it has only crashed like that on 1 game World in Conflict after about 2 hours of playing. However, I checked the forums and updated my drivers and have not had that problem since.
  9. What brand is that PSU?
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