New Computer Build (How far can i overclock this)

I'm building a computer with these specs and I'm wondering what speeds you guys think i could reach (and yes I understand every chip is different but I'm looking for what has been reached using similar setups).
New Parts-
Intel Q9400
Xigmatek HDT-S1283
G SKill PC1066 2x2GB 5-5-5-15
Old Parts-
XFX 8600 GT
Seagate 320 GB Sata Hard Drive
500W Power Supply

Thanks in advance for anyone who answers my question with a logical answer. :D
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  1. Well I hear those things can OC pretty nicely...i hear around 3.2ghz is average... a side note, if you are going to be gaming, you are definitely going to want to replace that 8600gt....
  2. Yah I really need to get two 4870s but unfortunately money isn't free
  3. well idk about two 4870s....that might be overkill for what you want...a single 4850 would be a HUGE upgrade from what you have now (*depending on what resolution you play at*)
  4. i think 3.2 -3.6 is the range you will be looking at with that cooler.
  5. really only 3.6ghz idk im kinda hoping i can push it to 3.8 because the xigmatek is great cooler but then again we will see (and i game at 1680x1050 so...)
  6. The 9400 isn't the best overclocking chip out there. The 9550 does really well, but does cost a bit more. Every chip is different, so if you get a good one you might hit 3.8.
  7. we will see but still 3.6ghz wouldnt be bad considering it only cost $189
  8. in case anyone was wondering i got my parts and currently have it at 3.2ghz @ 1.2375 vcore but it is listed as 1.216v in cpuz LOAD Temps<60C and IDLE Temp<40C
  9. Looks like you have a CPU with a fairly low VID. You have some more room. You can safely push the speed and voltage up until load temps reach 70 C.
  10. Ok, I reached 3.4ghz 100% stable with load temps not exceeding 60C also he reprted core voltage is only 1.256v so its looking good for 3.6ghz
  11. Dude.

    seems like you got a great chip!

    Push it further.
  12. thanks it seems like you own some nice chips yourself :)
  13. plus9paradox said:
    thanks it seems like you own some nice chips yourself :)

    Or i just use a metric *** ton of voltage to overclcok them. ;)
  14. lol nice well im trying to get stable at 3.6ghz now i could use some help i have cpu voltage set to 1.287 in bios and my NB set to 1.3v
  15. Add a little more voltage to the chip.
  16. ok so my NB is set T 1.3v and my CPU is set at 1.30625 should i be changing anything else like GTL and VTT or clock skews
  17. ^ Na... just change the vcore and the cpu FSB.
  18. you might want to be careful about increasing i heard it decreases your computer life significantly, but if you plan on upgrading like 1 year then go ahead
  19. ^ yeah bro but intel rates there chips for 50 years. even if it cut the life span by 1/10 i would still have the chip for 5 yrs
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