Temp gap between E8400 cores

Alright I have run my E8400 at stock speed since the beginning, and real temp, as well as core temps, has registered some weird temp gaps between both cores, so i need to know if this is normal of if its a matter of concern:

Core 0: 20C
Core 1: 35C

Core 0: 33C
Core 1: 44C

I applied MX-2 on both my cpu and my Zalman 9500 led at the time of installation.
I have checked that when the cpu is in mid load, both core are Loaded evenly, but even at idle as you see, with no load, they have a huge temp gap :(
I need suggestions please.
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  1. looks like there is something wrong with the sensor on core 0.. 20C? is your room temp 10C or something?
  2. pay no attention to core temps. tcase is what you go by
  3. How do i measure my room temp and case temp ? is that the casual temp of the atmosphere? Its 33C in my town...
  4. terror112 is right, seems like something is wrong with your core 0 sensor. Usually, the core 1 temp is ~3-4c below the core 0 temp.
  5. Perhaps a factory defect ? Bad thermal paste appliance?
  6. I'd say you need to reapply the thermal paste. Clean off the old stuff and make sure you put it on evenly
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