Q9550 strange core temp readings...

I just swapped out an e6750 for a Q9550 on my P5K-Deluxe motherboard and am getting some really strange core temp readings.

Real Temp readings (Using the stock cooler)...

Idle: 31C | 30C | 51C | 51C - CPU temp reads 35C

Load: 58C | 53C | 63C | 63C - CPU temp reads 54C

Are the DTS' in cores 3 and 4 bad? I've never seen the temperature on the second two cores drop below 49C. The temp numbers seem to converge at 100% load. Should I just pay attention to the CPU temp and forget core temps, or is this worth an RMA?

I just bought a high end cooler (it's in the mail) to help the temps, but I think this is a hardware issue. Any thoughts?
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  1. idle temps don't really matter, its the load temp that really matters, although if you have an idle temp thats equal to your load temp... that will probably shorten your life span

    however the q9550 seems to have bad sensors... my sensors suck too so I'd say its fine
  2. Been Googling this for some time now... I've read the DTS' in the 45nm chips aren't reliable until over 50C.

    Mine seem more accurate when under load so I suppose I won't worry about it and just rely on the Tcase numbers.
  3. The idle temps are a bit weird, but as said before, its the load temps that are important. Good that you have a new heatsink on the way, as that will drop the temps a bit and might even them out. Part of the reason that the idle temps are so different could be that the stock heatsink may have a slight warp in it, thus not making sufficient contact for even cooling. But even with a top grade heatsink, you'll see temps vary between the cores. I have a TRUE, which I lapped, and my QX9650 varies about 5c between the cores, so I'd say the variance is normal.
  4. I put in a Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer today and temps are MUCH lower:

    Load (Before): 58C | 53C | 63C | 63C - Tcase reads 54C
    Load (After ): 40C | 39C | 54C | 54C - Tcase reads 44C

    That's 10C drop overall. Numbers are still strangely varied, but I'm not going to worry about it anymore.
  5. The last two cores usually are 5 degrees or so hotter. Its normal.
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