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i was thinking of upgrading to a new cooler. the backplate i have on there now is stuck on last time i checked and i was wondering if all backplates are the same and i can use the same one? note sure how safe removing it is.
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  1. Use a dropper and put a bit of rubbing alcohol at the edge of the back plate. Usually backplates have double sided tape installed for easier installation.
  2. Backplates come in three flavors, Amd clip, corner screws, and pushpins. If it's an Amd clip, then it should be fine to leave and just get another hsf with an AMD clip. Corner screws should be ok as well. If it's a pushpin, get rid of it and never ever buy pushpins again.
  3. The hole patter will be the same. The screw size might be different.
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