ECS Geforce 7050M-M MB and Patriot RAM

I just purchased an ECS Geforce 7050M-M motherboard with an AMD X2 5600+ CPU at Fry's.
I currently have a Patriot PC6400 DDR2 800 MHZ with 2.0 V RAM.

My system is connected perfectly with an Antec Neo Power 650 PSU. My system doesn't boot up and nothing shows on the computer monitor but the orange blinking light just blinks on the monitor.
All the fans are running and I can hear the hard drive run, but nothing on the screen...

Quick question... Does my RAM at 2.0 V (stock) not compatible with this particular motherboard? This ram worked on an ECS Geforce 6100 before, but not on the ECS 7050M-M... Maybe perhaps I need to purchase a different RAM from Fry's that has a 1.8V instead of my 2.0V Patriot RAM. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm guessing its just the RAM or I have a very faulty motherboard. I'm not sure whether to get a new motherboard or just purchase a different type of ram. Any suggestions appreciated...
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  1. Oh and one more thing before I forget. The RAM Specs

    Patriot memory (2 x 1GB modules PC6400 800MHZ, 2.0v)
    The stock RAM timings are
  2. I have similar components, but with only 1GB of RAM, and I had no problems. Booted right away. Perhaps one of the sticks of RAM is defective? Maybe try one at a time?

    Actually, I just verified that I am using PEP21G6400EL, but it is listed as 1.9~2.0V with 5-5-5-12 timing. Not exactly your model but similar specs. I am also using the GeForce7050M-M (V2.0) motherboard, which I think is the same as yours.
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