8500/8600 Series GPU Problems?

I have been experiencing BSOD on occasion while playing games with my 8600GT. I just read in Tom's recently published story '...Best Graphics Cards...2008.' of rumors of problems with the 8500/8600 series GPU's. Does anyone know what rumors Tom's might be referring to.
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  1. 1. Are you using a good PSU and if you have a 8600GT with a PCIe power make sure the power is plugged in.

    2. Please list full specs including OS and PSU.

    3. What drivers are you using? Also most of the BSODs are caused by RAM, check with Memtest86+.
  2. My specs: XP/SP3...Rosewill 550W...Q6600...WD 500GB...2GB/800...MSI P6N

    I just changed back to the 169.21 driver on the advice of another thread, and that was the original driver that came with the card, so I'm going to give that a try for awhile.

    I upgraded to the 175.16 awhile ago because I was starting to have some problems with HL2 using the 169.21. After I made the upgrade I was still having some problems so I ran Memtest and my memory checked out fine. A couple of days ago I installed 175.19 and everything seemed to be fine until today when I had 3 BSOD's. After I started this thread I had a BSOD. I had read some funny things about the 175.19 so I posted at Nvidia forums and that was when I was advised to go back to the 169.21.

    I have also been told that my Rosewill might be the problem and I plan to update to the Corsair TX750W when I upgrade my GPU, which I hope will be a revised version of the GTX260.

    The reason I started this thread was to find out if there is any truth to the rumor(s?) that the 8600GT itself might be defective. Other than what was implied in the Tom's Hardware article I have not heard of anything.
  3. Nvidia having issues with desktop GPUs, as well not just mobile gpus

    All Nvidia cards are affected except those with good cooling

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