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I just purchased a new nvidia video card. was getting a no sound device error afterwards. But I read where some were changing the bios to enabled under the audio. Did that and no I have the device back in the control panels sound file. But I still have no sound. It is recognizing the device though. I have no yellow explanation points in the device manager either. I did but after installing all the drivers they went away. The sound cable is plugged up to a monitor and I have monitor speakers selected in the realtek options box. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
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  1. Leave the nvidia audio devices where they are. Don't remove them. Don't even bother. You are trying to use the onboard audio right? Once you have made sure it is enabled in your BIOS, go to realtek's website and "reinstall" the appropriate driver for it. The nvidia installation has actually disabled the onboard audio forcefully, you just have to bring it back. Reinstall drivers for the onboard audio, this will bring it back!

    Once you have it back, from windows audio properties select onboard audio as "default". (You will have to choose between nvidia audio and onboard).
  2. I have not seen any option called select onboard audio as default. Where do I find that option? I did go and download the realtek drivers and tried to install them but got a message that said no compatible hardware and then the installation quit. Since I left the first message I found a old sound card from another machine and installed it hoping that it would work off the card instead of the onboard sound device. But had no luck with that either. Still no sound. Still sees a device though.
  3. Click Start>Settings>Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices....


  4. There is only one item listed under that option. It's realtek high def audio. I did try that already. One of the first places I looked. Anything else? thanks
  5. What is device manager showing? Nothing at all? That's very strange! Device manager must show you something (i.e exclamation mark next to the unidentified device). Do you have the drivers for that old sound card? Do you know the chip name? If not, follow the steps below -

    Go to "device manager", look for the audio device that windows can't seem to run. (There must be an exclamation mark next to it). Right click to go to its "Properties". Under the "details" tab, from the drop down list select "Hardware Ids".
    The values below should contain (in the middle of the text somewhere) something like: "VEN_14F1&DEV_5067"

    Here, 14F1 = Vendor ID
    5067 = Device ID
    (These are my sound card vendor and device Ids. You have to find yours).

    So, see what the dev and ven IDs are for your audio card. And then go to this website -

    Search for the specific device ID that you have, and click "Search". It will tell you what chipset your card is. It will also have the link to the chipset manufacturer's website for driver. (If it doesn't, google the chipset name for the driver)
  6. Guess what I determined that it was an issue with the monitor speakers. They aren't working. I plugged in external speakers and they worked. So then I changed monitors and it worked. I had the sound card working for quite some time now but just didn't have the output device working. Maybe I have to install drivers for that monitor?? don't know. But ultimatley it's getting plugged into a surround sound and hd tv anyways. I had just plugged into the monitor temporary to get all the drivers and the sound device to to work after I installed the new video card. Thanks for you efforts still.
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