RAM upgrade specs... Latency vs clock speed?

Awlright, I'm a sucker for upgrades...

I got my laptop cheap but with decent board and processor so i could upgrade it as i felt like i had the money (and i've naively decided that I now do).

My current ram sticks are a set of two hynix 1 GBs (hymp512s64bp8-c4) And I want to get twice that for my vista 64bit.

As far as I can tell, it's less than my system can handle, since my FSB is running at 667 (well, 665 usually) and the ram is PC2-4300. That should let me be able to install PC-5300 (and take advantage of it too), right?

I started to look around for some deals, but since the hynix sticks are CAS4, it's been a little tough. I suspect it would be incredibly stupid to revert to CAS5, even though I'd go from 533 to 667, right? Obviously it would be good to go for CAS3 or something like that now that I'm finally upgrading (i sound edit and stuff) but as far as I could tell the market for latencies that low arent really that big for laptops? Anyone current on the general availability?

I use CPU-Z and HWiNFO32 for benchmarks. Is there anything I haven't mentioned that I should be aware of? And what would be my best bet for value? My initial idea was getting two 2GB PC5300s with CAS3 or even lower, but price is a concern sadly :-(

Thanks to anybody for even reading this, I'd be really happy if any advice could be spared :-)
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  1. Oh and something I dont really understand... In CPU-Z it states my FSB:DRAM as 5:8 even though my rated FSB is 667 and the ram 533? Dosn't cpu-z incorporate the DDR to DDR2 doubling? Would that mean that a ratio involving DDR2 would be at is best at 1:2 where the ram runs at twice the bus speed thus effectively make it 1:1?

    Or is it just me misinterpreting the data somehow?

    Oh, side question - I've heard talk about Pentium 4 and on benefitting from slightly more ram than bus, so values just below 1 would be good. Does that apply to Core2 duo as well?
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