PII 955 need some help

ok guys this is my setup

Gigabyte 790x ud4p
PII 955
ocz 2x2gb 1066 DRR2
zalman 9700 led
cooler master scout

I been trying to oc my pc, im not that noob as i know a thing or two about it, after all i had my old amd 5000+ be oc to 3.3, but thats another story..

any ways i need some imput as all the 955 overviews are been overclocked with DDR3 and i cant find any info on any configuration using DDR2 so any help will be apriciated..
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  1. It really doesn't matter much, it will be the same process. The specific bios you use will change more than the difference between DDR2 and DDR3.
  2. it does matter, as the timings arent the same, see i try the same specks as overclockers club ( http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/phenom2_955/3.htm )

    and my isnt stable at all
  3. Timings are memory and build specific, you cannot just look at someone else's OC and duplicate it. The PROCESS is the same, but what works for you will be different. You need to start at the rated speed and timings of YOUR memory, and then try to improve on that.
  4. Well if you overclocked your 5000BE to 3.3Ghz you should know how to overclock your 955BE... same process, nothing has changed....

    I doubt that you did the overclock yourself unless you have instant-memory loss... But that's another story....

    Anyways raise the multiplier, FSB and voltage in increments till you find you sweet spot...

    I suggest you read this first before you smoke that precious 955...

  5. lol i wasnt copying what i saw, i was simply using reference to see till where can i go and what voltage i have to use to get there, make is it faster, im stable at 3.725

    18.5 x 200 with a volt increase of +0.75

    thing is that the more volt i give the hotter it gets oviously, and my temps with that little volt increase is 50 idle 64 under load via air conditioner on, as summer here in New York can get pretty hot, my worry is if i leave my pc on and turn off that AC lol, temps may get to incredible 70C

    i think that my HSF is the bottleneck here because i've done research with a volt increase of 1.5 and temps shouldnt be all that high
  6. Well then all you have to do is run prime95 while you monitor your temps... If your temps don't reach 60-62c then you should be able to leave your pc on at night w/o hesitation.....


    run it for at least an hour and monitor your core temps...


    Try giving it less voltage and raise in increments.......

    PS: If your AC is on and you are getting almost 70c, then its obvious that the ambient temp is not to blame... Whats your voltage right now?
  7. i been running amd overdrive stability test for 22mins and everything seems fine my voltage is currently 1.424

    and my teps are 49c idle and 65 - 66 underload via AC
  8. The only other thing that comes to my mind is removing the HSF and re-pasting with AS-5... If you have done that already then im lost....

    I have overclocked my CPU to 3.912Ghz @ 1.475v and my temps never reached 54c no matter what I did to it.... And on top of that my room temp was at 78F... so in all the only thing I can suggest ATM is re-pasting making sure you don't use too much and re-seating the HSF..
  9. ya, ill try that, also to give you an idea as to why i think the HSF is the problem, here:
    I posted that a while ago,if you read the old post till the end i didnt get to change the fan of HS so it still using the stock, i still think that HSF which is 1 year old might have a bearing problem and isnt doing its job properly
  10. If you want to check the RPM's on that fan all you have to do is download speedfan...... Then once the program is open you will see the temps and RPM's, if you crank up the cpu fan and you see that it does not reach around 2,500-2,800 RPM's then you know its time to replace the fan or the whole HSF.....
  11. wow thanks so much for the idea, i did use speed fan as i run the stability test the temps went up to 60-61 my fan did raise up to 2509, that was the high as it went and then suddenly dropped to 1461 for like 10 secs, the went back to 2500 and after like 20 secs dropped to 1456 again, guess i have to change it then?
  12. Your fan is not supposed to drop RPM's....It should stay at 2,500 specially if your chip is running that hot....

    Try using speedfan to max out the fan manually........
  13. I got the same cpu and motherboard and I was able to overlock my 955 to 3.7 on multi alone. my temps at somewhere around 40C with prime95 running and im using xigmatek dark knight
  14. ok fan speed isnt droping from 2,509 Rpm according to speed fan, as i set it manually to 100% using AMD overdrive and im getting the fallowing readings in smart fan:

    Fan1: 2509 RPM

    Fan2: 0 RPM

    Fan3: 0 RPM

    Fan4: 0 RPM

    Fan5: 0 RPM
    temperature according to AMD overdrive:

    49 idle 69 under load on amd overdrive stability test

    temperature according smart fan:

    Under load:

    Temp1: 40C
    temp2: 60C
    temp3: 57C
    temp4: 60C


    1: 38C
    2: 48C
    3: 43C
    4: 47C

    Notice that the test was done using 100% fan 1509RPM
    temps nearly change to what it was before running the fan at 100%
    basically it was worst cuz my temps last night never went past 66C
  15. Yea, so it looks like raising the fan speed helped a lil, but your temps are still too high @ idle......

    What is your normal ambient temp with your AC on?

    And how much paste did you use when you installed the HSF? Normally if you use too much it will cause heat issues...
  16. ambient temps im not sure, i know its 75C outside so with my AC on it should be around the 50"s and 60's, more like the 60's

    i didnt use lots of paste because the paste that comes with the zalman has a brush to spread evenly, plus i did it in the same way i did with my old amd 5000 be
  17. Yea, ATM i would not know what the problem is unless I was physically there to look at the PC.... By the info that you posted its clear that the ambient temp has nothing to do with it....

    You Zalman 9700 is not considered a cheap heat-sink, so that should not be the issue either...

    Are your case fans @ 100% all the time or do you have a controller?
  18. no i do not have a fan controler to speed the fans up, i know they not even close to be running at a 100% as i cant even hear it over my zalman or my gpu fan.

    i understand that the zalman isnt cheap,which is why i havent buy a new cooler, but its 1 year old and it might have a ball bearing problem as stated in past forum post, i still need to fnish my build, stuff like hard drive and couple of more fans, now ill be adding a fan cotroler, although i dont know when im buying, as my budget is 0. so my next idea is to stick the stock cooler and see what diference does that make, i haven't done that because i run out of paste so if temps arent better i wont b able to put the zalman back
  19. Well you can get some paste off of e-bay for 2.99$... I would suggest that you keep monitoring you CPU temp until you do changes to your setup...Once you re-paste and re-seat the HSF, try taking pictures of the whole process and post them here just to make sure everything you are doing is by the book....
  20. ok now i confirm that my HSF is dead, throw the stock HSF and is doing the 2,966 rpm as the slowest speed whereas the zalman did 2500 as max lol, open cpu fan and cranked the fan at 100% and its doing 3789 rpms, I'm stable at 3.6 with no volt increase, taking in count this is the stock cooler 3.6 isnt not bad at all
    o ya my temps are now
    44 idle
    53-54 under load
    we need to give some more credit to stock coolers, ill be getting the dark knight but not anytime soon, maybe in couple of weeks when i finish paying my new cell phone.
  21. The stock coolers are ok, well at least the ones that come with the phenoms but once you go past 3.6 - 3.7Ghz with a 955 it is highly recommended you get an aftermarket......You will end up buying the cooler anyways cause that 955 can go soo much higher... the more you do it the more addicting it gets....
  22. lol yeah is really addicting,im back to stock timing as i had 1 error in 1 of the core after 35mins running prime 95, im tired of tweaking and ill wait till i get new cooler to over clock this baby to at least 3.8 or 3.7, it just that i have got one of those cpus that aren't happy without cranking the volts up, even to get to 3.6 i need +0.25 increase and proly thats why i got an error, it needed more, but im not willing to do it with the stock cooler, 3.2 will be enough for now..oh btw thanks alot ovrclkr helped me alot, I appreciate that, you have got yourself a new friend here in New York, thanks m8..
  23. Yea no problem...... [:jaydeejohn:5]
  24. Hey snakej,
    Can you post some 3DMark06 score for that CPU? I'm really interested in them...
    I would really appreciate it! Thanks.
  25. sure ill be doing some benchies soon, and ill post a few pics..
  26. Thanks man! :)
  27. the first set of Benches was made with the CPU stock timings as well as the stock GPU frequencies:

    And this is the score i got:

    Then I over clocked my GPU to 960-1045:

    And this is the score i got:
  28. You need to raise that chip to @ least 4.0Ghz........
  29. lol you said that as if i was using water cooling..im still using the stock cooler and i can not even get to 3.6 without getting an error after 3mins of prime95. According to overclockersclub.com the highest they were able to get stable was 3.792GHz (205x18.5) 1.50v. [ http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/phenom2_955/3.htm ]
    I'll try to overclock as far as i can once i get my xigmatek dark knight, because that error on prime95 could be the cpu asking for better cooling, Like i said before, i got one of those cpu that like voltage, most people have been able to get it stable to 3.7 with no voltage increase, i get BSOD when i do that , to not get BSOD i have to increase voltage to 1.45, which is a lot and i still get an error in prime95, but then again that may work if had a better cooler. i really dont know, but i got to wait till i get that xigmatek.
  30. Well I guess they got a bad chip.... the 955 hit 7.1Ghz on Heli and Nitro, meaning the 955 on air can easily do 4Ghz and beyond.... [:lectrocrew:6]


    " class="img lazy">

    I use a so-called defective CPU @ 3.865Ghz 1.4500v (stable) and it never reaches 52c (load) no matter what.... Trust me the 955 will blow away my CPU in a heartbeat....
  31. Get a better cooler and push that baby...... Get a Corsair H50 Water cooler they are under $100 and beat all air coolers, also its super compact
  32. snakej, I Love your score! It's awesome! :)
    I wanna test my system with Vantage and then I'll post the scores up here...
  33. xtc28 said:
    Get a better cooler and push that baby...... Get a Corsair H50 Water cooler they are under $100 and beat all air coolers, also its super compact

    lol i just bough the xigamtek DK, it will arrive here in 3 business days, i didn't have any money to super after market cooler, but i hear the Dark Knight is a good cooler, i hope it help me to over clock this cpu, i havent had any luck with anything i have try,

    the most stable i have got is 3.6 @ 18 x 200(auto)
    NB VID: 1.2
    Cpu voltage: 1.392

    Temps are similar to stock, just a degree or 2 above it.

    and i still get 2 core error after 8 mins of prime 95

    any hints??

    ill try to run a bench at this timing to see if i get a score to compare to my previous, to see if at 3.6 is even worth it.
  34. XDK is agreat cooler you will be happy
  35. :o wow i was able to do 2 sets of benches with no BSOD or any error, although it did fail Prime95 after 8mins, what does this mean...gezz i wish overclocking this cpu was as easy as my 5000+ be, just raise some volt and multi and good to go..while here im doing Nb,SB,Nb vid and still not 1 prime95 complete :pfff:

    CPU overclocked to 3.616

    GPU stock


    CPU & GPU Overcloked Score

    CPU overclocked to 3.716
  36. Nice scores!

    I will post my Vantage scores soon...got a new cooler today! Cooler Master V8... :)
  37. ok guys i have got the Xigmatek DK and im so disappointed that i feel like i wasted my money..i did some benches with the stock cooler b4 putting in the DK and honestly the stock beats the Dk in most test..my temps under load with my voltage 1.45, temps go to 65C and more, bsod right after, with stock voltage my temps under load are 58 - 59 Wtf?? also the worst fan to mount, omg seriously,, and on top of that its not even performing right...i did mount it properly though, actually i did it 4 times and did the thermal paste twice, first with the one that comes with the cooler and then with zalman one, same temps. i'll do it once more, as im really concern as i have hear this is suppose to be one of the bets fan..il write again after i do the third thermal paste.
  38. Well there is something that you are doing wrong unless your room temp is @ 90f....... try again.....
  39. no i give up....i repasted again and i overclocked to 3.8 @ 1.5 v and my regular temps are 54C- 57C on my fking desktop now doing anything.

    now is worst... i give up..
  40. Why 1.5v ????

    You should not need more than 1.45v @ 3.8Gh.....

    Lower the volts and check your temps again.....

    And remember, overclocking requires patience.... Trust me I have spent HOURS/DAYS sometimes just to find my motherboards sweet spot.... [:jaydeejohn:5]
  41. i get BSOD at 1.45, my pc is not overclocked right now and my temps are:

    temp1: 31
    temp2: 45
    temp3: 43
    core: 42
  42. Try 1.45v for the cpu
    1.42v for the NB
    1.42v for the SB
    1.15v for the chipset

    make sure your ram has enough volts to operate @ it's speed

    I have my CPU @ 3.8Ghz with 1.425v and it idles @ 37c (ambient @ 28c)
  43. i did what u said but temps are the same at 1.45v and 1.5


  44. what should i do, do the HSF again?? as if that would help, should i put the paste onto the cpu as always or as the fan manual says on the bottom of the HSF, i try both same result but i want the expert opinion
  45. how much paste are you using? Remember to use a VERY small amount and spread it evenly......

    I never put the paste on the cpu, just to make sure I dont get any of it on the mobo.... I normally clean off the paste from the cooler and re-apply, this way is much easier for me.....
  46. once again im using zm-stg1 and it has a brush, i paint all the surface until i cant see the cpu color, its really a stick cape, i only use 3 brushes, like i only put the brush back in 3 times.
  47. I dont use brushes so I would not know, I use a tube and lay ( 2 rice grain sized amounts on the cooler) then i spread with an old debit card....
  48. these are my temps after 20mins on desktop, why does it take so long for temps to drop?
  49. the amount of paste you should use should not be thicker than a piece of paper......
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