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So I have an X800 GTO AGP that constantly crashes during Direct3D apps. My assumption is that since I got this new Acer 19" 1440x900 widescreen monitor the vid card doesn't suppose that resolution and therefore activates it's protective whatever and shuts down my PC. I dont get BSOD, I just get my computer clicking off like someone hit the power button. Any suggestions?
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  1. it supports that resolution. Think along the lines of it dying a slow death.
  2. I think my comp in general is doing such a thing. I am really I guess wondering if it is a case where I can replace the vid card with say a 3650 and get by without it crashing anymore and avoid paying $1000 for building a new box
  3. Might be your PSU that is dying the slow death (running games at a higher resolution would likely use more power), though, the video card could be going to.
  4. ^ +1

    if you have a crappy power supply that could be making problems. my friend comptuer did that and eventually wouldn't start. turns out his power supply doesn't work and neither did the motherboard.

    you could maybe buy a card at fry's and if it doesn't help, return it.
  5. tekzor said:
    it supports that resolution. Think along the lines of it dying a slow death.

    it always sad when a good GPU starts fading away. My Old Reliable X800 is still strong although.
    Maybe check your PSU. The X800 still draws a bit of power. I dotn know the exact values atm, but, from what you are saying a pretty good diagnose is when the CPU/GPU needs the extra wattage the PSu fails to deliver/level the amps need and just shutdowns itself protecting itself from the sudden "peak" and the rest of the PC with it.

    I guess you have a bad PSU !!! Don't say you have a bad X800 pl0x !!!!

    PS: I'm getting old and sentimental. Blah...
  6. Another vote for checking the PSU. My last card was an x800 GTO AGP and I have nothing but fond memories of it.
  7. I bought a new PSU to deal with this.. it's an enermax whisper II 460W. I am pretty sure that is plenty to handle what I have....you think the PSU would be the reason for it to just shut off completely only in direct3D?
  8. It certainly could cause those symptoms.
  9. The only time I seen a computer just shut off during games was from lack of power. BTW, you say it only happens in direct3d games (which is pretty much every game out there), have you tried running a graphic intensive opengl game a la Quake 4 or Quake Wars or even Doom 3?
  10. yea it has never never done it in an openGL game like cs:source. it's just during direct3D which I suppose are the most graphics intensive games. You dont think a 500 watt enermax PSU can deal with it...I have two cd drives, two hard drives, a soundblaster audigy 2, one x800gto, an amd 3200 xt. not that many fans...what would you recommend for a power supply?
  11. The real reason I think it is my vid card...is because it doesn't actually usually turn right off. Frequently what it does..is the monitor gets a "no signal" thing, sometimes the sound is still on, and the computer tower is still lit up, fans are working, but the video is blank. Surely this is a video error....any suggestions aside from the PSU?
  12. whats the cooling on the card like, is the fan spinning well? clogged with dust or anything? it can be the most simple things that cause heating problems
  13. I was thinking about that and I know the fan is working. I guess I could spend some time cleaning it, that might be all it takes.
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