ATI Mobility Radeon 4570 Overclock

Hi I just bought a Toshiba A505-S6965 that has the above stated video card in it. I loaded Catalyst and saw that it was horribly underclocked at 220 MHz down from 680. I know that cooling is always a concern but is there anyway I can overclock it? Please also keep in mind that I am taking delivery of a Thermaltake CLN0008 laptop cooler tomorrow as well as modify the underside of the case to get better airflow. Any help or suggestions are much appreciated.
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  1. What happens on desktop cards ( and I would presume on laptop cards even more to save battery life and produce less heat) is the Catalyst Control Centre underclocks the graphics card when it is not fully needed. If you open GPUz and play a game for 30 seconds then check GPUz you will probably find the frequency returns to 680 mhz and then clocks down when on the desktop again.
  2. ^+Use furrmark or any gpu stresser and see the mhz rise!, also nice to see what the temps are in load (for your oc)

    And for the OC try Rivatuner, did wonders on my 8600m gs
  3. Ok so I checked GPUz and you were correct that the clock drops when I'm doing normal things on the desktop and returned to 680 when I started playing a game.

    Temps right now are doing pretty well. CPU for both cores are staying under 90 degrees F under max load while the GPU is about the same while gaming. I just tested my Thermaltake cooler and this dropped the temp for my CPU at max load down to 75 F and the GPU down to 79 F.

    So even a minor OC wouldn't even bump me up anywhere close to the temps I was running before. Also Rivatuner won't do me any good as it's for Nvidia cards and I'm running ATi. Thanks again.
  4. I'm using rivatuner atm on both my laptop (nvidia based) and desktop (ati4890) maybe it has issues with your current drivers tho, have you tested it?
  5. No I didn't. Just the description threw me off as it said for Nvidia based GPU's so I'll take a look.

    Just went to download it and Riva doesn't support the mobility radeons...
  6. Ic , oh well was worth a shot. I believe AMD has his own OC programs i believe one for gpu's aswell (not talking about catalyst here) So you could check that out

  7. Ok cool thanks for all the help.
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