System reboots with no BSOD

Alright, not so sure about where this thread should be posted, I hope you guys can help me.

So, I've been building my gaming-oriented PC for a while and finally bought it. Here are the specs:

MSI P7N Diamond
Q6600 G0 (Stock with Stock fan, 39C Idle, 57C 100% Load)
BFG 9800GTX OCX (41C Idle, 57 Load)
2GB Crucial Ballistix PC8500 1066mhz RAM (2x1GB)
Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500GB
Antec TruePower Quattro 850 watts
All this running XP SP3

I've been setting all this up when a problem just came, it reboots with no apparent reason, on random place, with no BSOD. (I disabled auto-restart, so I could see if there was any.) It however seems to restart more often on ressource-hungry application (mostly games: Bioshock, Crysis, Oblivion, etc.) but I have it frequently restarting on simple thing like browsing on Firefox while talking on Windows Live Messenger.

I've came here as my last resort, here are the things I've tried and/or facts:

- No Errors or Warning in Windows Event Log, under EVERY categories.
- It reboot on a Windows clean install (SP1) With AND without drivers installed
- It restarts ranging from 2 mins (Windows "welcome"s song) to 6 hours (Maximum I've had, while playing Half-Life 2). (It however restart in about 10 mins while playing more hungry games. (Bioshock, Crysis)
- It won't or have not restarted while installing or reinstalling windows (even tho that's a 2 hours process, including reformatting, I've reinstalled about 5 times)
- Reboot with or without an internet connection
- Scanned for virus or whatever with NOD32, nothing.
- Made a diagnostic the HDD without errors
- Made a diagnostic the RAM with Memtest86+ 2.01, 6 passes and no errors
- Made a diagnostic the CPU with CPU Burn-In 1.01, 4x open (quad-core) at 100% load for an hour without restarting
- Made a "diagnostic" on the GPU with multiple benchmark (3dMark06, rthdribl,...) without any problem.
- IN MY OPINION has nothing to do with overheating as the Q6600 G0 can go up to 72C and my GPU up to 120C (however that is the point of liquification of lead)
- IN MY OPINION the PSU is sufficient, even at everything 100% Load

Thanks ALOT if you can lighten me on what to do next. :)
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  1. <-- Had almost the same deal... try upping your ram voltage.
  2. My RAM was at 2.0V as the Crucial website stats

    I am currently at 2.10V since 5 mins, everything seems to work fine...
    What are yours? IF I go too high, what are the consequences, can I burn my RAM
  3. Bad RAM, classic symptoms.
  4. Okay, it reboots at 2.10V and 2.20V, I read I'm better not to go farther than that.

    Bf2gameplaya, my RAM could be bad EVEN if I tested with Memtest86+ (6 passes) AND Memtest86 (1 pass) without errors?
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