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Is it possible too connect a standard box tv and a monitor to act as a 2 monitor set-up. My standard tv works as a monitor via a s-video cable, but when I then connect the pc monitor via VGA that comes on but the tv doesn't. I have tried to go into control panel, display, then configure it in there but can't seem to get it to work. Im running xp
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  1. Do you use a dedicated video card, which one?
  2. I don't think you can use the S-video out as part of a dual monitor setup. And that's a horrible way to use it, unless you don't have an HD TV. S-Video will not give you a very clear image.

    Post your system specs and what TV you are using it with. You may need to get a different video card.
  3. As I mentioned above its a box tv, so not HD, my video card is a Radeon Sapphire X1950 pro AGP, it has s-video, VGA, and DVI. The TV is an old Panasonic box tv with an s-video and 2 scarts and some audio and thats it. The s-video works by its self so I can use the TV as a Monitor but they just won't seem to work together.
  4. Something like this "may" work.. It should make your PC think it's outputting to a VGA monitor and setup up dual displays.

    But I have never tried the product or something similar. I also am not 100% sure that you can't use S-video as a secondary output but there is something in my head that tells me that's the case, lingering memory from sometime or something.
  5. Or something like this

    But I don't know if your card has support for two displays (the fact that it has 3 output connectors doesn't matter).
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