A Graphic Card for Amd Athlon 64x2 4400+ ?

Hi Guys

I have a system with the following configuration ....

Amd Athlon 64x2 4400+
Asus M2A - VM
Transcend 2gb 667 mhz

I have Pci Express x16 slot , which graphics card should i go for ? My budget is between 100-150$ ... is the ATI Radeon 3850Hd the best value for money solution? And which would be better between the Geforce 9600gt or the Radeon 3870 ?
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  1. i have a similar system right now
    amd 5600+ X2 ~2.9 GHz
    2 GB 667
    500 watt power supply (what's yours?)

    i just got an HD4850 and ran it on my pci-e 1.0 x16 slot. i was extremely impressed with it. ran crysis on very high settings (i'm on xp but i changed a bunch of values in the config file to very high settings, so i'm sure that it isn't quite as demanding as DX10 very high) and it was totally playable. got ~30+ fps @ 1440x900. i totally maxed out cod4. what games are you interested in?

    with rebates now you can get it for about 155. you might want to wait a couple weeks becuase some new cards are going to be coming out and prices are a litle high right now but they'll probably drop. i think this card is the best value/performance card right now. the 9600GT and 3780 are about the same price and perform about the same, the 9600GT pulls ahead more at higher settings.

    but i highly recommend the ATI's HD4850 (and you could maybe overclock your CPU a bit, if necessary. and what graphics card do you have right now?)
  2. it's 450watt smps ... Hd 4850 is really cool , you got it for 155$ , damn good!

    i was hoping to play mass effect ... i just completed Cod4 , i'm moving to college and i'm taking this system with me . i played all these games on another machine a c2d extreme , two 8800's Sli config, 4gb dual channel ... this machine has a pathetic Ati RG690 onboard .

    will need to upgrade my SMPS too ..?
  3. A 4850 seems to be inside your budget. And seems to be the best decision.

    You can always go berserk and CF 3850 or 3870. it fits inside the budget also. Not that i say it is a good advice, but it is a crazy one.
  4. ur cpu specs are same as me but oced @ 2.88ghz and I took hd4850. Trust me. You wont dissapoint. eventhough it bottleneck the gpu a bit.
  5. yeah well that's what i am concerned about , will it be worth going for the hd4850 , my mobo. has a normal pci express 16x slot , it's not pci-x 2.0 , wouldn't that be a bottleneck too? and my cpu runs at 2.3 ghz and it ain't stable above 2.6 ghz ... gets way too hot ...
  6. Wouldnt worry i run a 4400 X2 939 socket and a 8800GTX and theres not many games that are bottlenecked by the processor, i hacked the crysis config files to Very High and run it at 1680x1050 with 25fps...
  7. yeah you're pushing it with the 450 watt, that's the very minimum i think you could have to run one 4850. if you have a lot of hard drives or disk drives you might have problems but i doubt it. your 450 watt barely makes it.

    i don't suggest going crossfire 3750 or 3780, just stick with the 4850.

    and i ran mine on my pcie 1.0 slot and it ran extremely well. wouldn't really worry about it, probably not worth it to upgrade your motherboard as well.
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