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My daughter has a laptop computer and plugs in a Samsung yp-k3 mp3 player. The laptop does not recognize it. Sent an email to Samsung to send me a driver and they tell me their mp3 players are plug and play. The USB port works because it charges the unit and also recognizes my flash drives, so what do I need to get this working. I saw something about a high speed 2.0 port, don't know what that is. Please Help!

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  1. Does she use the cable that came with the player? Also try other USB ports.
  2. yes she uses the cable that plugs into the usb and plugs into the unit. The system said it is charging so I know it recognizes the unit that way, but when I go to my computer it is not recognized. I had a similar situation with an internal drive and had to reformat that do I have to do that with this mp3 player??
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